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The Raw Rerun – Heyman Loves Punk

Heyman loves PunkWhat’s life like without John Cena? Not much different than life with John Cena.

The show was centered around Daniel Bryan and the obstacles Triple H set for him. He set three obstacles and they were all in a row.

But the performer of the night was Paul Heyman whose character turned from being angry with CM Punk to being obsessed with him.

Heyman loves Punk.

This was like single white female only with two dudes.

CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel was the #RAWActive match which meant the fans could vote for the stip which featured what Heyman was going to do. Was he going to be banned from ringside? No. Was he going to be the special guest referee? Well, that would’ve furthered the storyline. But no. Was he going to be have to get in the ring with Punk if Axel lost? Yes.

Punk beat Axel with the GTS and then went on a chase for Happy Heyman. Heyman tried to run away twice, but was caught and put in the ring. Axel interfered, locked Punk’s hands behind his back, and Heyman got brave and slapped and taunted Punk. Punk got to his feet, booted Axel and was putting the boots to Heyman when Axel hit him with the chair. Heyman and Axel put a quality beating on Punk, hitting him over and over with the kendo stick, causing his back to bleed. Heyman screamed at him before each blow saying that he was a father figure to him and that he loved him.

Punk walked away with a slightly bloody back and later in the night, Brad Maddox made Night Of Champions Punk vs. Axel and Heyman in an elimination match. I guess it’s the one non-title match at Night Of Champions.

For whatever reason, the segment isn’t on YouTube yet, but you can see it on WWE.com.

Daniel Bryan runs the gauntlet.

The show started with Triple H introducing Randy Orton. The Shield played bodyguards again. Triple H happily wanted to show Orton the gift he bought him, which was a new Cadillac Escalade. He also said Orton was the reason for the ratings uptake last week, instead of mentioned that they always do a higher rating the day after the PPV.

Bryan came out and wanted to give thanks. He thanked the fans for believing in him. He thanked John Cena for giving him a shot. And he thanked Triple H for turning into Mr. McMahon and showing his true colors. He called him a sellout in a suit. Bryan said he’d beat Orton at Night Of Champions.

Triple H heeled on him and said Orton was an A and Bryan was at best a B. He then said Bryan would run the gauntlet and have to go through all three members of the Shield.

Of course, Bryan messed up Orton’s Escalade by writing “Yes!” all over it. That only irritated Triple H more, making it so that anyone who interfered in the match would be fired. He wanted everyone to stand on the apron and watch.

Before the match, all the superstars were on the apron and Rene Young tried to ask questions, but they wouldn’t budge. Specifically, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, and The Miz stood there steamed. They also came off like pussies.

The first match with Seth Rollins was excellent. They had great chemistry in the ring. The big move was Bryan doing a belly to back suplex from the top rope and Rollins completely flipped over in the air, landing on his stomach. Bryan then hit the running knee which looks to be the new finisher for him and pinned Rollins. Dean Ambrose ran in and was immediately put in the Yes lock and Roman Reigns interfered causing the DQ. Reigns was also put in the Yes lock and then the other two ran in for the DQ. They then beat Bryan to a pulp while all the wrestlers had to watch. Triple H came out and stared a hole through Big Show while it all happened. They gave Bryan the triple power bomb and then Orton came out for the RKO. Bryan was left laying.

Randy Orton beats Christian in an excellent match.

It was an ode to their terrific matches a couple of years ago. The ending was smooth with Christian getting out of the RKO, getting a close two count, then getting thumbed and RKOd for the pin. Christian and Orton have excellent chemistry. Orton is also on his game in the right. His timing is impeccable and he builds up the drama like no one else.

And the rest…

  • Cody Rhodes and Fandango faced off before Miz and Rosa Mendez came out to Fandango’s music while making fun of his dancing. This must’ve caused Fandango to become numb and forget to kick out because Rhodes rolled him up from behind for the win. Then Damien Sandow, who was announcing the match, came in to sneak up on Rhodes. Miz evened the score with some sloppy left hands and of course, Maddox came out to make it a tag. Miz then pinned Sandow for the win.
  • Brie Bella beat Natalya, which was simply a setup for AJ Lee to come out and cut a vicious promo on the Total Divas girls. She may have turned babyface.
  • RVD pinned Alberto Del Rio to get a chance at the title at Night Of Champions.
  • Titus O’Neil beat Jack Swagger.

Overall, the show was more focused because there was less that happened. It was built around two main angles and those main angles got a lot of time. Thus, not much else did. It was a good thing in the pacing of the show. But I’m sure some of the guys left off the show would’ve wanted to do something. I enjoyed the show overall. Plus, no Stephanie.

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