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Ronda Rousey To Be In Expendables 3

According to Sylvester Stallone’s Twitter, a Ronda Rousey movie part awaits; a role in his franchise “Expendables 3”. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Randy Couture have been involved in the “Expendables” franchise before.

Stallone also mentioned that Victor Ortiz would be in the role, hopefully to play a ball room dancer. I’m kidding. He’ll try to hug someone and get punched. Okay, I’m kidding again.

The most interesting thing about this is what was the inevitable; Rousey has turned herself into a star and much like Gina Carano (who never headlined a UFC PPV), has created opportunities outside the UFC. If Rousey becomes a bankable star outside of fighting, would that take her away from the sport?

Whatever happens, for Rousey, this is a great opportunity. Personally, I hope she joins the Fast & Furious franchise so that she can put another arm bar on Michelle Rodriguez.

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