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Matt Borne’s Cause Of Death (Doink The Clown)

Borne's cause of deathLast month, we posted about the untimely passing of Matt Borne (real name Matthew Osborne), who was best know as the wrestling character, Doink The Clown. Borne had substance abuse issues that were well known throughout the wrestling industry.

According to the autopsy that was first seen on TMZ, Borne died of an accidental drug overdose.

Here’s what the medical examiner said about Borne’s cause of death:

I am of the opinion that [Osborne], a 55 year old white man, died as a result of toxic effects of opiates.

He stated that there were “high levels of the opiates morphine and hydrocodone (Vicodin)” in his system at his time of death. He also said that heart disease was a “significant and contributory factor” to his passing.

On an upcoming episode of WrestleMania 30 for 30, we cover WrestleMania IX and talk a lot about Borne’s Doink character. Big D was a huge fan of the character and he discusses how brilliant he thought Borne was as a performer.

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