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Is Sting WWE Bound?

Sting WWE

Remember those rumors a few years ago about Sting coming to WWE to feud with the Undertaker? Those were fun rumors and while they were never really close to happening, I remember thinking that it was a true dream match that had yet to happen.

Those rumors from yesteryear may possibly be coming to fruition. Well, who knows about the feuding with Undertaker part.

But, on last night’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer made mention that Sting has sent out feelers to WWE and that WWE thought they’d be able to get him. Is Sting WWE bound?

If you watched last night’s Raw, you noticed that they included Sting in their video packages about former World and WWE champions.

Sting enters at about the 4 minute mark after Stone Cold Steve Austin.

If Sting is WWE bound in the near future, who would you be interested in seeing him wrestle? I think the Undertaker match is the smartest one they could do. I’d still consider Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker as a more intriguing match, but if they have plans for Brock to work with the Rock at WrestleMania XXX, then Sting vs. the Undertaker is as natural a match as it gets.

2 comments on “Is Sting WWE Bound?

  1. wwe says:

    great Post I’m a huge Wrestling fan from Sweden

  2. GG says:

    Awesome! Do you like Sting?

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