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The Summer Of Daniel Bryan?

Daniel BryanIn the June 10th version of the Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer writes about Daniel Bryan being in the mix to headline the July Money In The Bank PPV in Philadelphia.

For those who think the company doesn’t see Bryan as a main eventer, right now the penciled in main event for Money in the Bank on 7/14 in Philadelphia is Cena vs. Bryan, with Bryan not being a heel, as the title match. As you should be aware, everything is subject to change. It’s pretty much a sure thing Bryan will be cheered in that match, given the city, and they are fully aware of that. The impression is they won’t try and make him a heel but that’s certainly something that can change. I sense the goal for the next two months is try to make Cena a “legend” by beating Rock, surviving Ryback and then having a match of the year with Bryan.

(The Observer/F4W website is a pay website and thus, you’ll have to pay if you want to read Meltzer’s work, but it’s a steal per month if you’re interested in MMA and pro wrestling.)

Two years ago was the summer of Punk. Could this be the summer of Bryan?

I think it will be a terrific match and with Bryan involved, the build up would probably be really good too. I will say that I’m still a little skeptical. Big D suggested that the logical storyline could be that Bryan is constantly having to prove himself and gets a title shot because of that drive. What happens when he gets there and John Cena beats him? What’s the next logical progression?

Here’s some thoughts from the rest of the FGB crew:

Big D: Punk won two years ago. I think this year, they’ll have Bryan come close but lose – major heat too.

Duan: I’m glad the idea is not to turn him. From the way they are building it, it seemed a near certainty that they would, and that is the last thing he needs right now.

I speculated before Mania that once all the WrestleMania season blow-ins had disappeared for the summer, they would panic and put all their money on Ryback as champion. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised they’re not doing that and instead going with something that has the potential to be compelling.

Alan: If this comes to pass I’ll be so damn excited.