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The Raw Rerun (4 Weeks Until Money In The Bank)

The Raw RerunWell, Mark Henry rules.

Brock is back with CM Punk in his sights.

After last night’s match with Chris Jericho, WWE put out a video with CM Punk telling Paul Heyman that he wants to go solo. He also mentioned that Brock and Curtis Axel needed him. There was a similar segment on Raw.

Heyman was a little flustered but said that he understood and said they’ll always be friends and that he will always be the best in the world.

Fast forward to Punk’s match with Alberto Del Rio in the main event slot, which Punk won by count out. In this case, the count out wasn’t a bad finish because it allowed Dolph Ziggler to attack Del Rio for what he did to Ziggler the night before. Then, Brock Lesnar’s music hit. He walked into the ring, picked up Punk, and gave him the F5.

Now, what’s the story behind it? Is it because Punk didn’t feel the need to have Paul in his corner? Is Brock upset that Punk said Brock and Curtis Axel needed him. We’ll soon find out.

Mark Henry retires.

Or so we thought. Mark Henry swerved the wrestling world. He came out after John Cena did a promo about how he’s ready to handle anything, including The Money In The Bank winner. Mark Henry interrupted him to supposedly announce his retirement. He was superb. He talked about his kids, looked to be choked up for a bit, and even had some fun back and forth with the audience. And right when it ended, Cena came out to raise his hand before Mark Henry, in return, gave him the World’s Strongest Slam.

Swerves are an interesting deal. When done properly, they can work tremendously. The problem is that I don’t think many people even knew Mark Henry was going to retire, outside of his Twitter followers. However, for five minutes, Henry did not only one of the best retirement speeches ever, but he worked most of that audience.

There were a few interesting tells if you look back at it. Cena talking about Money In The Bank. Henry telling Cena to stick around. Why? Are they supposedly friends? All that being said, it worked like a charm and was one of the best segments of the year.

Early on Monday, I listed all of the contenders, including Mark Henry. Let’s just hope they can work good enough matches.

The McMahon family values

If not for how well the show has been of late, these McMahon segments would be destroying Raw. Last week, it was all about how Triple H wanted to wrestle, but Vince didn’t want him to. Then, Vince wanted him to and now, Triple H doesn’t want to face Curtis Axel.

On tonight’s show, for some reason, Triple H didn’t care about wrestling at all. Instead, he wanted Vickie to make life hell for the Shield.

AJ Lee cut a promo about winning the Divas belt. Oddly, Stephanie came out and she was one of the ugliest and angriest people you’ve ever seen. She chastised AJ and then then Kaitlyn came out and because Kaitlyn came out, she also chastised Kaitlyn. She was a tremendous bully on the same show that Puff Daddy did a PSA about bullying. In the same segment, Kaitlyn’s nipple popped out.

Via WWE's Youtube channel
Via WWE’s Youtube channel

After the Shield jumped Kane in the US title rematch, they mocked Vickie in the back who was quite a bit frustrated. Then Vince celebrated them.

In another segment, Vince told Vickie she was doing a great job and to always listen to him. Then Triple H came in and said he told her to make the Shield suffer and to always listen to him. And when they both left, Stephanie said don’t listen to either and to listen to her. This is a sick, power hungry, ego-trippin’ family.

And the rest…

  • Christian returned! Finally!
  • Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes beat Sheamus on a roll-up. Yes! Finally!
  • Randy Orton faced Daniel Bryan in a No DQ match (as voted on in the WWE App) and beat him when Bryan couldn’t continue. At one point, Bryan missed a tope and Orton busted him up with a kendo stick. Originally, the way he missed the tope, I thought there was going to be another head injury (or neck injury) angle. But it seems like they were worried about his ribs.
  • Zeb Colter’s new guy, Antonio Cesaro beat William Regal and then draped his flag over him.
  • Chris Jericho beat Heath Slater.
  • Curtis Axel beat Sin Cara quite easily. The Miz was announcing.

It was yet another good Raw and after weeks and weeks of dreading the show, I look forward to Monday nights again. With Bryan/Orton, Cena/Henry, Punk/Brock, Ziggler/Del Rio, and whoever the Shield is being programmed with, we have some good stuff to look forward to this summer. Then again, we have to deal with the bitchy McMahons.