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Showtime Boxing – Adrien Broner Vs. Paulie Malignaggi Play By Play

Via The Source

Via The Source

Broner vs. Malignaggi

All the talking is over and it’s time to get in the ring. According to @dadrrtywhyteboi, it’s French Montana who is performing the terrible song bringing Adrien Broner to the ring.

Round 1

Broner is letting Paulie bang away and his arms, which are protecting the lower half of his torso. Paulie was busy, but didn’t press Broner to do what he didn’t want to. Broner didn’t really throw but landed some really stiff jabs that bounced Paulie’s head back.

Round 2

Paulie was throwing frequent punches, many of them not sharp, but his activity brought out some activity in Broner. Broner would shake his head at Paulie and then throw a lead right, kind of like Mayweather. Near the end of the round, Paulie was falling forward and grabbed Broner like a double leg takedown. Broner either lost balance or lifted his left leg as if to throw a kick of some sort. I think he just lost his balance personally.

Round 3

The round was one in which Paulie could’ve stolen just based on how many punches he threw in comparison to Broner, but near the end of the round, Broner walked him down and landed some really nice shots. Every time Paulie gets hit, it looks like he gets hit. When he hits Broner, everything looks glancing.

Round 4

This is probably the round where Broner’s lack of overall punches allowed Paulie to take it. In the other rounds, he had spurts where he would hit Paulie with power shots that mean more than Paulie’s peppering, but he didn’t have that in this round. I have Broner up 3-1 right now.

Round 5

Hard round to score, but Broner may have taken it at the end. He had another spurt of activity where Paulie clearly looked to take some clean shots. Broner also threw a weird punch where he twirled around in a 360 and then fired an uppercut. This fight is weird.

Round 6

The announcers and writers are seeing this different than me. I value clean power shots over pitter-patter arm punches that may get underneath the elbows. Paulie gets credit for throwing, but Broner’s the only one landing anything clean and hard. He cleaned Paulie up near the end of the round again.

Round 7

Paulie’s sticking around and is a gamer. Broner looks like he’s looking to land a specific shot, waits Paulie out, and lands it. At this point, Paulie gets credit for working as hard as he’s working. He’s obviously tired and being hit a good amount.

Round 8

Broner is having his way with him, but the spirit and pace of the fight is all Paulie. When he engages, he gets Broner going. I still had Broner winning the round, but Paulie is working his ass off.

Round 9

That may have been Broner’s best round. He snapped Paulie’s head back many times, including with a big right near the end of the round. He’d do himself a lot of good to put Paulie away at this point.

Round 10

I have Paulie winning that round, only the second round of the night from me so far. He dug deep, though, Broner kind of took it up. Malignaggi looks like he has something left for these last two rounds.

Round 11

It was yet another close round, but Broner pulled away at the end, landing nasty left hooks and a straight right that rocked Paulie. Some of the early rounds were close and the judges could’ve given Paulie some of the earlier rounds I gave to Broner, but Paulie should have to knock him out to win it.

Round 12

Neither guy really fought with any urgency, but the round was close. You could go either way with it as far as I’m concerned.

I have the fight either 10-2 or 9-3 for Broner, which is going to be wider than most.


Adrien Broner by way of split decision

The scores were 115-113 for Paulie, 115-113 for Broner, and 117-111 for Broner.

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