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HBO Boxing – Gennady Golovkin Vs. Matthew Macklin Play By Play

GGG vs. Macklin

GGG vs. Macklin

Round 1

GGG looked excellent. Stiff jabs, big rights, nice hooks, and Macklin looked in trouble and was retreating already. He closed strong with Macklin nearly falling.

Round 2

More Golovkin with the pressure. Used the jab more as a lead to make him react before throwing a fast and hard right hand. Macklin looked better at the end as he actually got some shots off rather than having to cover up.

Round 3

Macklin opened up and that was the worst thing for him. Macklin was a gamer, but took some brutal shots. The sound of Golovkin’s punches was at a different level. Golovkin had Macklin up against the ropes and threw a short left hook to the body (maybe the liver) and Macklin went down like a bag of rocks.


Gennady Golovkin by way of 3rd round KO

Golovkin didn’t really say much as far as getting Sergio Martinez in the ring. He seemed like it was a walk in the park.

Macklin said he was trying to protect himself against the upper cuts which left him open for the left hook to the body.

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