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The Raw Rerun (Extreme Rules Go Home Show)

The Raw RerunThe show was a definite plus as far as building up the Extreme Rules PPV which has a chance to be sneaky good.

And here’s where I give WWE creative some credit.

Ryback doesn’t rule. The Shield rules.

Who is in charge of everything relating to The Shield? Because whoever is, give that person a raise. Part of the reason why The Shield is so strong is because of how they’ve been booked. Even though their threesome didn’t defeat John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Kane in the elimination bout, only one of them (Seth Rollins) was pinned and even in losing by disqualification, they did what bad ass heels do; they beat the piss out of Cena after it was over.

If CM Punk comes back and attaches himself to that group, they have to bring back War Games. How awesome would that be?

They also face Daniel Bryan and Kane in a tornado tag match this weekend, which might be worth the price of admission alone.

Triple H and Brock roll around in a cage.

The show ender was Triple H telling Brock to come into the cage because again, the ring is his office. The cage was down so they brawled a bit in the cage. Brock got the upper hand, but soon there after, it was all Triple H who sent him out of the cage. Because remember, his office is inside the ring.

The build up was up and down, but I think they closed strong. Brock had a smirk on his face as in the ring may be Triple H’s office, but the cage is his. If he doesn’t go over, I would be really surprised.

Dolph Ziggler has a concussion and is out of the PPV.

On Smackdown, Jack Swagger kicked the hell out of Ziggler giving him a concussion that put him out of the PPV. It hurts the show as now, instead of the Triple Threat Ladder match, we get Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio in an I Quit match. It’s for the number one contender’s spot.

It’s a much more logical match being that Del Rio was able to choose the stip initially and chose a match more beneficial for Ziggler. But, it’s definitely a step down. That being said, the match should still be good.

Chris Jericho man, Chris Jericho

For whatever the reason, Jericho has absolutely looked like a rock start these last few weeks on Raw. It’s like he’s in a zone or something. He’s always good, but he’s been even better lately. Maybe it’s his confidence. Maybe it’s just that he’s missed it since being with Fozzy so much. Maybe he just enjoys working with Fandango. But whatever it is, the guy is on an absolute roll.

I would love to see him with another babyface WWE title run as I told Duan last weekend on FGB Radio.

The show opened with Fandango and Summer Rae entering the ring and with Jericho his partner, Edyta Sliwinska following. It was dance contest night. Fandango and Summer Rae danced first, but Summer Rae took a bump with an injured ankle. Or so we thought. It was an angle for Fandango to beat up Jericho. Sadly, Jericho didn’t get to dance.

Jericho did a promo at the end of the night which reminded everyone that he was a former world champion.


And the rest…

– Ryback beat Zack Ryder quite easily and quickly. It was only his first showing as he’d come back later.
– Hey, the Prime Time Players are back! They beat Tons Of Funk. Not quite sure the purpose of this, other than they needed matches for the long show.
– Kofi Kingston continued his string of good performances by beating Damien Sandow.
– Mark Henry was in the ring with a strap. Sheamus came out without one, but then pulled out a strap too and strapped Henry out of the ring. Henry is way over right now.
– Randy Orton beat Antonio Cesaro yet again.
– Hey, the Miz is back! He beat Heath Slater and will jerk the curtain against Cody Rhodes at the PPV in the YouTube match.
– Big E was to face either Jack Swagger or Alberto Del Rio. The fans voted via the WWE App (which they plugged incessantly all night). Nope, the fans didn’t choose the fightin’ babyface. They chose Swagger and he won by a landslide. Swagger won by count out and then Del Rio came out to arm bar him. What a nice guy that Del Rio is.
– AJ beat Natalya with an octopus stretch submission move. Natalya submitted by tapping AJ’s ass.

2 comments on “The Raw Rerun (Extreme Rules Go Home Show)

  1. Duan says:

    I thought Hunter was very good on this show.

  2. GG says:

    Triple H was perfect unless he wins. Then he was a jackass. Hahahaha.

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