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The Raw Rerun (3 Weeks Until Payback)

The Raw Rerun

The show was built around Bret Hart Appreciation Night, only, the ceremonies weren’t available on TV. Instead, you had to download the WWE app to watch. I refused.

CM Punk returns at Payback.

In my favorite segment of the show, Paul Heyman was Chris Jericho’s guest on the Highlight Reel. Heyman reminded everyone that Jericho was at one point, a Heyman guy (even though his ECW stay was short). Jericho reminded Heyman that he owed him money. Heyman said he would waive his fee for showing up and they’d call it evens. That was awesome.

The entire segment was a setup for who is the best in the world. CM Punk hasn’t been around since WrestleMania and Jericho called him out. Heyman wouldn’t actually let Jericho call himself the best in the world and accepted a match on Punk’s behalf for Payback, which is in Chicago.

Big D mentioned to me that Punk was going to be cheered wildly, which is why Jericho is so perfect. Jericho understands how to work that kind of crowd and he won’t get flustered. I think it’s the perfect match and makes Payback interesting, which was hard to say after the first segment.

John Cena vs. Ryback is now a 3 Stages Of Hell match.

John Cena came out to start the show, no worse for the wear from being out last week. He wanted the match changed from an Ambulance match to a 3 Stages Of Hell match, with the Ambulance match as the third fall, which really gives away that there will be a third fall. Then again, the entire premise of the match gives that away.

Ryback came out and cut one of the worst promos this year, over-enunciating his words to a terrible degree. He threw out every word used for devil, yet couldn’t pronounce Lucifer correctly with those huge teeth of his. An Ambulance match was bad enough as a stipulation and now, we get a Lumberjack match, a Tables match, and an Ambulance match which means that this is probably going to be a bad match. I think they’d be able to use enough gimmicks to make a one-fall match interesting, but three falls? How much repetition will there be in this match?

Cena also faced Curtis Axel in a nothing match. An ambulance drove through the entrance though Ryback wasn’t driving it. I think it was K.I.T. from Knight Rider. Ryback attacked Cena and then Cena was counted out. When Cena heard the decision, Cena smiled and that’s how the show went off the air. So Axel has beaten Triple H and Cena now by count out. He’s the new Genius Lanny Poffo!

The Shield continues to dominate.

Deam Ambrose went over Kofi Kingston again and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns beat Daniel Bryan and Kane in another great match. I wonder if they’ll create a stipulation for another match at Payback. Since the World Title match at Extreme Rules was changed from Ladder match to a Submission match when Ziggler got hurt, I can see them adding the Ladder stip to a rematch. It could be pretty amazing.

And the rest…

Daniel Bryan face

  • Alberto Del Rio got his win back by beating Big E after AJ took off the top turnbuckle and it backfired. AJ was unhappy with Big E even though it was her fault.
  • Daniel Bryan was backstage and had a chat with Bret Hart and he was very happy. Very happy.
  • Wade Barrett and Fandango had a match with the Miz as referee as voted by fans via the app. Miz was a total ass, giving Barrett his finisher to allow Fandango to score the win. He then kicked Fandango while he and Summer Rae were dancing and when she fell on top of Fandango, he counted the pin on Fandango. So really, no one got over. And no, Miz didn’t get over because he looked like a jackass while doing all of this. He did a backwards stroll which was the most heelish looking thing on the show. What a terrible babyface he is. He and Sheamus should go to babyface school.
  • 3MB ruined Natalya’s birthday celebration which meant Brodus Clay, Tensai, and the Great Khali had to face 3MB in her honor. Then Khali sang Happy Birthday to her.
  • The Bellas beat Natalya and Kaitlyn.
  • Bret Hart told Curtis Axel to ditch Heyman, but Axel said no one wanted him except Heyman.
  • The Wyatt’s are coming!

  • Sheamus and Randy Orton beat Team Rhodes Scholars. They should’ve saved this for Smackdown as the show was desperately in need of quick hitting segments at this point.

I found the show to be okay, but it’s another one of the take the good with the bad. Or maybe take the bad with the good. There were some great segments but they were littered with some bad ones.

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