WrestleMania Memories With Big D

Photo via IGN

Photo via IGN

I’ve stolen this idea from Arda Ocal. He interviewed WWE wrestlers and officials about some of their favorite WrestleMania moments. I asked my FGB writers about theirs. I’ll post a new list each day this week as we get ready for WrestleMania 29.

First up is none other than Big D.

What is your oldest WrestleMania moment?

The Ultimate Warrior defeating Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania VI. The night that proved that nobody is unbeatable.

What is your favorite WrestleMania moment and why?

Bret “Hitman” Hart beating Yokozuna for the title at the end of Wrestlemania X, followed by all of the workers and celebrities coming out and hoisting Bret on their shoulders in the grand victory over the unstoppable monster while his jealous brother Owen, who beat him earlier in the night, looked on. It was an unbelievable moment.

What is the best WrestleMania match you’ve ever seen?

It would be Austin vs. Rock II. It had incredible Heat. It was the peak of the Attitude Era. Not a moment was wasted. There wasn’t a single boring part of the match. It was nonstop action with a memorable finish despite it being bad for business. It also featured the most amazing near falls of any match I’ve ever seen.

What is the one WrestleMania moment that you wished had happened, but didn’t?

It’s a tie; Hogan vs. Flair not happening at WrestleMania VIII and Hogan vs. Austin not happening in the early 2000s.

What is your favorite WrestleMania show ever and why

Wrestlemania X-Seven – everything was perfect on that show. Austin vs. Rock II, Hunter vs. Taker, Angle vs. Benoit, TLC II, Gimmick Battle Royal – maybe the best card the company has ever put together and a worthy goodbye to the Attitude Era.

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  1. Hogan VS Andre The Giant in the 80’s GG Tell me something where Sleepiao at?? Rios got outboxed, bradley is champ and Sleepiao don’t want any part of bradley Marquez wants 20 million guaranteed Mayweather don’t fight bum losers so tell me where Sleepiao at?? I know, still sleeping on the job. lol have a happy FOOLS day.

  2. Hey David!

    I have no idea what Pac is doing these days. But I am looking forward to seeing what the Ghost has against Mayweather. Good to see you around!

  3. Robert is tough. It’s looking like the hatton/Oscar fight to me a combination of both. I think Floyd knocks him down but wins a tough decision. Robert is up against a ghost buster.

  4. If Mayweather has lost nothing by being away from the ring, I think he beats him handily. But if he has lost just a little bit, I think Robert can make it close.

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