WrestleMania Memories With Cadillac Don

Macho Man and Elizabeth

Cadillac Don’s next. Big D, Alan, and Duan have already shared their choices.

What is your oldest WrestleMania moment?

King Kong Bundy was the first person I thought of when it came to WrestleMania. And it would have been Wrestlemania III when he squashed poor Little Beaver in a tag team match. I had never seen a man that huge before, and my fascination with wrestling began.

What is your favorite WrestleMania moment and why?

I’m going to cheat and answer this question two different ways, but the answers to both revolve around “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

a. My all-time favourite WrestleMania is WM4. I owned the video tapes (yeah, it didn’t all fit on just one) and would watch those suckers over and over and over again. Ted DiBiase had an unfair advantage with Andre The Giant in his corner, so Miss Elizabeth ran to the back to bring out Hulk Hogan. And when Hogan hit DiBiase with the chair, allowing Savage to hit the elbow… I think that part of the tape is warped from me rewinding and replaying it so many times.

b. WrestleMania 7. Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior. Epic match, and Warrior would never come close to matching it. This was after Savage became the Macho King, and had Queen Sherri Martel in his corner. Throughout the match a cameraman caught Miss Elizabeth in the crowd, watching and looking worried. After Savage loses, Sherri goes nuts on him with hard kicks. We see Elizabeth standing with the crowd, looking concerned, torn. Finally she can’t take it anymore, runs to the ring, and tosses Sherri out. Savage gets up and doesn’t know if it was Sherri or Elizabeth kicking him. “Everyone is standing! And I bet they’re standing at home, also!” — Bobby Heenan. I was. Elizabeth crying in the ring. “She loves him! She’s in love with the Macho King! And I think he loves her! This is sickening!” — good ol’ Bobby the Brain. And then they hug, Pomp and Circumstances play, and I still tear up. This isn’t being published anywhere, is it?

What is the best WrestleMania match you’ve ever seen?

Very tough question as I have seen many great matches, but what really makes a great match? A WM main event should be around 30 minutes long, have a lot of back and forth action, and have guys kick out of each other’s finishers time and time again, even hitting each other with the other’s finisher. I’m looking at you Rock and Austin.

As for my favourite, the runner-up would be a squash match from WrestleMania V — The Rockers (Jannetty/Michaels) vs. Twin Towers (Big Boss Man/Akeem). The Rockers were able to get a little bit of offense here and there, only to have Shawn Michaels “irritate” Akeem and get clotheslined out of his pants in his first WrestleMania. About a minute later Boss Man hit Michaels with a HUGE Boss Slam, then Akeem hit his splash. Bam, over.

But my all-time favourite? I never saw it live, but it was heavy on my mind weeks before it took place, and I was dying to know who won the night it happened. WrestleMania 6. Hogan vs. Warrior. I was the Hogan mark, and couldn’t stand the Warrior, or all of my friends who were Warrior fans. Then I had friends calling me to brag that Warrior won and I was devastated. How could this happen? Hogan missed the leg drop? He NEVER does that! What the hell? When I finally saw the match it was exactly what it should have been, maybe even better. And it wasn’t just that the match was great, the heat from the crowd was unbelievable, and it has yet to be matched.

What is the one WrestleMania moment that you wished had happened, but didn’t?

Damn you Bret! Why did you tell Hogan to get in the ring against Yokozuna? You should have gone back and done that yourself!

What is your favorite WrestleMania show ever and why

If anybody has ever read anything I’ve written with FGB, you know the answer. And it involved Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth going through four wardrobe changes through the night, the Pomp and Circumstance blasting, and Bobby Heenan crying over Ted DiBiase losing.

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