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The Raw Rerun (3 Weeks Until Extreme Rules)

The Raw Rerun

Talk about an inconsistent version of Monday Night Raw. You had some very good segments, but on the same show, you had a tug-of-war and dancing segment. Also, there was nothing really must-see, so I can’t imagine the rating will be good.

The Shield defeats a fighting John Cena

Over the weekend, reports came out that John Cena hurt his achilles tendon and there was worry that he’d be out for a little while. I believe it was actually a heel injury.

Cena came out early to grant some wishes on World Wish Day. He brought out three kids, one of whom was born with half of a heart. All three kids got their own nicknames and were part of the show. That John Cena is a good dude. And he doesn’t get enough credit for it.

I was under the impression that Cena and Ryback were going to be forced to tag together to face the Shield, but it never happened. First, Ryback was worried that Cena wouldn’t be ready. Then, when Team Brickie changed the match to a 6-way, added Team Hell No and took out Cena, Ryback refused. So Cena was back in.

Earlier in the show, the Shield came out and talked about all the guys they put out like Ryback, Cena, Big Show, and last week, the Undertaker, which happened on Smackdown. They looked like stars.

In the main event of the show, the Shield took advantage of a hurt Cena and pinned him after his achilles went out and Roman Reigns speared him. Ryback showed up on the stage and just watched John Cena hold his foot. He looked like an absolute goof with his too small beanie on. There are things they need to be doing with him, such as destroying Cena, to get this match over, but they’re not doing it. Well, they have two more shows I guess.

The World Title match at Extreme Rules will be a ladder match.

Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger were spread throughout the show. First, there was a three-way with Big E, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Zeb Coulter. The winner was able to pick the stipulation for his friend. What a wacky idea. Of course, Del Rio, Swagger, and Ziggler all got involved. Ricardo won after school-boying Zeb.

Ziggler beat Kofi Kingston. Swagger beat Zack Ryder. And Del Rio beat Antonio Cesaro. After beating Cesaro, Del Rio said their World Title match would be a ladder match. Crowd seemed pretty uninterested in all of this.

The only thing I was really entertained by was a little segment with AJ and Kaitlyn. As they argued, a gift was delivered to Kaitlyn. AJ thought it was for her. But it was from a secret admirer. I so hope the secret admirer is Big E.

Usually, I give out three (and sometimes four) highlights to the show before summarizing the rest of it. This week? I could only find two.

And the rest…

– Randy Orton beat Cody Rhodes in a good match. At one point, I really thought Cody was going to win. He reversed the RKO into a CrossRhodes. In five seconds, I thought about how nice it would be for Rhodes to win and how they could really go somewhere with him, and then Orton kicked out. Rhodes went for his disaster kick and then ate a RKO. After Orton won, he gave him another during an interview just for good measure. Dick.
– Brie Bella originally beat Naomi after her sister did the Killer Bees gimmick and won the match for her. Cameron complained and the referee switched the decision. This is set-up for the Total Divas reality show on E!.
– Mark Henry beat Sweet T and Brodus Clay in tug-of-war matches before Sheamus came in and did the let go of the rope gimmick. What an ass. Who doesn’t hate the guy who does that? Then he Brogue Kicked him. Who isn’t rooting for Henry to destroy Sheamus?
– Fandango and the Great Khali had a dance-off. Jerry Lawler asked Khali what he thought of Chris Jericho’s performance on “Dancing With The Stars”. Khali said something about movie stars. Khali and Natalya did some goofy dancing. Then Fandango and Summer Rae danced. Summer is really good. She may become the bigger star out of the two of them. Of course, the crowd chose Khali, but it wasn’t that clear. Fandango suckered Khali and then hit the leg drop off the top rope, which looked awesome because of how far he had to jump.

All in all, the show wasn’t all that interesting, newsworthy, or important. No storylines really went anywhere either. No Jericho, no Brock, no Triple H, no CM Punk, and no Paul Heyman. They were walking on an escalator backwards tonight.

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