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UFC Primetime – Rousey Vs. Carmouche: Episode 3 Recap


Rousey vs. Carmouche

Ronda says she knows she’s trained harder than Liz has. She said that Liz may believe she’s worked harder, but she hasn’t. Ronda says she’s born to fight.

Liz is portrayed as someone who has a lot of fun while she’s training. She doesn’t need to have the scowl on her face. She says she practices different styles of martial arts and doesn’t have a predominance for one or the other. She’s ready for the recognition that will come with being UFC champion. She dreamt of being in the first UFC women’s fight.

The media blitz looked crazy as hell for both.

Liz’s mother hasn’t ever seen her fight before, but she came from Guatemala to see Liz fight. If Liz wins, she may be able to move her mom to San Diego.

Ronda says she can’t stop and smell the flowers because things are moving so fast. She says she fears failure. She’s finally comfortable being uncomfortable. She says there’s nothing predictable about Liz. She has to be malleable.

Liz says Ronda has never been back to her corner since she’s finished all her fights. She says if she gets Ronda to go back to her corner, it’s anyone’s fight.

This last episode did the best job of the three in making you want to see a fight. The first two episodes were great character pieces. You were able to meet the women and understand what made them. Here, while you saw more of that, it was the first time that I actually thought Carmouche had a chance. I don’t think she wins, but this episode made me think she has a chance to win, and it’s the first time I’ve felt that way.

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