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The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones Vs. Team Sonnen – Episode 4

The Ultimate Fighter

Adam Cella was a good sport when he went back to the house. He congratulated Uriah in the shower.

Jon Jones says that Collin Hart is a better athlete than his opponent, Kevin Casey. He said Casey’s muscular, but Hart has wrestler’s muscle.

Kevin Casey is also a rapper and Gilbert Smith tried to engage in a rap battle with him. Casey wasn’t bad but I expected him to be a little better at his free style.

The power went out in the house and some Team Sonnen guys decided to take toilet paper and wrap up some of the Team Jones guys, but it wasn’t a very well-designed prank so they just ended up throwing rolls of toilet paper and ran away.

At the weigh-in, Collin flipped Kevin off and it angered Team Sonnen. Bubba McDaniel thought it got under their skin, which I’m sure was the goal.

Collin says the middle finger was because they messed with his sleep in the dumb prank. Casey says he doesn’t care about the finger, but he’s a professional and finger or not, Hart still has to get in the cage with him.

Collin just sounds like he feels disrespected in general, from being picked to face Kevin to being pranked. Hart’s taller by three inches and has a slightly longer reach.

Collin Hart vs. Kevin Casey

Hart opened the fight with a takedown. When Casey was back up, it was a positioning game from the clinch. Neither fighter had a real advantage and just traded off as to whose back was against the cage. They traded knees. Collin’s clinch game was a bit better, but he was also breathing really heavy. Casey let his hands go near the end of the round a bit, but Hart still wins on positioning.

Hart dominated the second round from the position game. He got an early takedown, bloodied Casey up a bit, and Casey couldn’t really do anything.

Winner: Collin Hart by way of unanimous decision

For the next fight, Jones picked Bubba McDaniel to face Kelvin Gastelum, the youngest competitor.

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