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Bellator MMA – Maiquel Falcao Vs. Alexander Shlemenko Play By Play

Photo via Bleacher Report
Photo via Bleacher Report
The first fight is part of the featherweight tournament.

(Tangent – I’m highly confused when watching Bellator. I know all the fights are tournament fights but because many of these guys aren’t name fighters, I have no idea what their weight division is. I’m begging for some kind of video package highlighting the fights that are happening before each show.)

1. Popo Bezerra Vs. Genair Da Silva

Bezerra knocked Da Silva backwards with a stiff jab and immediately jumped on his back to go for the submission rather than to follow up with strikes. Da Silva got him off his back and ended up on top, but Bezerra kept working for the submission from the bottom. First, he went for a kimura and then he locked in the arm bar.

Winner: Popo Bezerra by way of 1st round submission

2. Mike Richman vs. Mitch Jackson

Richman knocked Jackson down three times in the first round before finishing him off with a left head kick and then punches on the ground right before the round ended.

Winner: Mike Richman by way of 1st round TKO

3. Akop Stepanyan vs. Marlon Sandro

The first round was almost too close to call.

The second round wasn’t so much. Stepanyan knocked him down with a reverse kick and a short right hand. Sandro tried a leg lock at the end of the round, but Stepanyan just waited for the round to end.

Well, Sandro is back in this. Before the round started, the referee took a point away from Stepanyan for grabbing the cage at the end of the second.

Sandro won the round with his grappling as he took him down and stayed on top of him. Stepanyan seemed to give the round away and with the close first round, that’s not a good decision.

According to the rules of the tournament, if there’s a draw, there will be a fourth round.

Winner: Marlon Sandro by way of majority decision

One judge had it 28-28, but the other two judges had it 29-27 for Sandro. Okay, so he would’ve lost the fight anyway even if he didn’t get the point taken away.

4. Maiquel Falcao Vs. Alexander Shlemenko

Well, these guys are making me miss Anderson Silva like crazy. Michael Bisping would be the biggest star ever in Bellator. Okay, I’m done complaining. First round wasn’t much. Several punches and takedowns, nothing too interesting. Falcao probably won the round simply by being slightly more active.

Shlemenko put him out. Shlemenko hit him with kicks to the body and then a knee which seemed to have a delayed effect as Falcao went down after the fact. He tried to hold on while on the ground, but seemed frozen and took a couple shots to the face before the fight was declared over. Alexander Shlemenko is the new middleweight champ.

Winner: Alexander Shlemenko by 2nd round TKO

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