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Bellator LXXXV – Rick Hawn Vs. Michael Chandler Play By Play

Via Spike.com

Via Spike.com

I’ve decided the give Bellator on Spike a shot, at least for a few weeks. I’ve never watched a full Bellator card before, so while I’m familiar with the fighters, I don’t know them inside and out.

1. Patricio Pitbull vs. Pat Curran

This is for Curran’s featherweight title.

From what I’d heard about Pitbull, I expected him to come out like a house of fire. It was a very slow round that didn’t really pick up in action until the last couple minutes. I’d give the first round to Curran for landing the cleaner shots. It was all on the feet.

The second round was much better. Pitbull’s nose was bloodied. He looked much more confident, stalking Curran a bit. It was another close round, but I’d give it to Pitbull. His punches are short and direct because he’s small. He can throw punches on the inside before Curran can because of his more compact style.

I’d give Pitbull the round again. He was the aggressor and nearly landed a great head kick. It still wobbled Curran a bit even if it was blocked. He’s beating Curran to the punch, though, his face looks the worse for wear. I really wish I could see some punch stats.

Curran took control of the round and Pitbull is starting to tire. Pitbull is still in the pocket and is landing shots, but Curran was more confident in his shots and Pitbull’s face is really swelling up. I have the fight even going into the last round.

Great fifth round – I have Curran winning the fight, but Pitbull piled it on at the end of the fight. I think Curran won most of the first 4:30 of the round and withstood the barrage at the end and landed his own shots.

Winner: Pat Curran by way of split decision

Probably the right decision. And now Pitbull will have to win another tournament to get another shot? Tough sleddin’.

2. Mikhail Zayats vs. Babalu Sobral

This is a light heavyweight tournament first round bout.

After mostly a nothing round, Zayats landed a spinning backfirst and chased Babalu down who was reeling. He knocked him down and Babalu couldn’t stop the punches coming from the top and it was stopped. Great finish after a mostly boring first round.

Winner: Mikhail Zayats by way of first round TKO

3. Rick Hawn vs. Michael Chandler

This is lightweight championship fight.

Chandler won the first round by getting a takedown and laying on top of him. Hawn couldn’t do anything. Hawn tried getting up and Chandler was blasting his skinny thighs with knees. Chandler looks like Urijah Faber in his prime, without all the risks.

Chandler took him down again and when Hawn tried getting up, he slammed him again. He had his back, sunk in a rear naked choke, and pulled him back for the submission. Hawn looked out of his league.

Winner: Michael Chandler by way of 2nd round submission.

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