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Video – Undertaker vs. Undertaker – THE ENTIRE STORYLINE from 1994

YES SIR! One of the wackiest storylines the WWF did in the 90s and a lot of “hardcore” wrestling snobs hated it at the time (just read the old Observers) because it was too much fantasy. Whatever, I was 10 and I loved it and now at 28 I love it. Why? It actually had a logical start, middle, and ending (even though we never really figured out where Ted Dibiase’s Undertaker actually came from), it was well thought out, Vince didn’t change his mind about it every freakin week, AND it had actual celebrity involvement that was fun and well done. This includes all of the big promos building up the match and the angle. Soooo much fun.

Yeah the final match blew chunks, but who cares? This was fun 1994 WWF.

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