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The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale – Martin Kampmann Vs. Jake Ellenberger Play By Play

We’ve been covering the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter all season long. Early on, if you said the finale would be between Al Iaquinta and Justin Lawrence, I’d have agreed with you. But something happened on the way to the finals. Michael Chiesa defeated Lawrence who gassed badly in the quarterfinals.

The main event promises to be a great fight as Martin Kampmann faces Jake Ellenberger. Ellenberger deserves a title fight while Kampmann is always in the mix. It should be a great fight.

1. John Cofer vs. Justin Lawrence

Really strong first round. Cofer surprised Lawrence early on, but Lawrence was slowly starting to land many shots including a short left hook that was fierce. Cofer’s trying to strike so that he can get inside, but whenever he does, he takes punishment.

Lawrence was ahead for nearly the entire round until he got a little cocky and threw a spinning back kick and Cofer got his back and took him down into a sitting position. He got his hooks in and worked the rear naked choke, but was too high on Lawrence’s back. The round ended with Lawrence out of harms way and punching from the top position.

Good night, Irene. Lawrence threw a right high kick that landed on Cofer’s chin and it was lights out.

Winner: Justin Lawrence by way of 3rd round TKO

2. Pat Schilling vs. Max Holloway

Holloway is an impressive striker, going to the body. Schilling can’t get the takedown and if this continues, he’s going to be in trouble because his striking isn’t nearly as good.

Holloway was digging the body and Schilling was hurting badly. Schilling would throw a shot that made it seem like he was capable of coming back, but then Holloway would just dig to the body again.

Schilling landed a shot and Holloway decided that he was going to show him up and threw about 6 lightning fast jabs in a row. His hands are quick. More of the same as the second round and Holloway even tried to throw a Showtime kick off the cage.

Winner: Max Holloway by way of a unanimous decision

3. Charles Oliveira vs. Jonathan Brookins

Pretty active round. Oliveira looked like he was going to take command a few times. Brookins had a nice takedown, but didn’t do much with it. Oliveira rocked him with a right hand and it looked like Brookins was in trouble. But he fought back and landed shots of his own. It’s clear that Oliveira’s hands are better, but his head movement is terrible.

Oliveira rocked Brookins again. Brookins was trying to put on a guillotine but was caught in a guillotine himself and had to tap out.

Winner: Charles Oliveira by way of 2nd round submission

4. Michael Chiesa vs. Al Iaquinta

It was pretty unbelievable. Some how, some way, Chiesa won this fight. Iaquinta came out quickly, but Chiesa tripped him down and quickly got the hooks in. Chiesa worked the choke patiently and Iaquinta fought it and fought it until he couldn’t fight it any more. Iaquinta wouldn’t tap so the referee had to check his arm and he was out.

Winner: Michael Chiesa by way of 1st round submission

5. Martin Kampmann vs. Jake Ellenberger

Ellenberger rocked him right out of the gate and it looked like he might’ve finished him, but Kampmann held on and was patient on his butt, working a guillotine. Sans the big punch, it was a pretty boring round.

Ellenberger started quickly again, rocking Kampmann and bloodying his nose. Kampmann clipped Ellenberger with a short right and Ellenberger nearly went loopy. They locked up against the cage and Kampmann rocked him with knees, knocking Ellenberger out. Wow. Nice comeback from Kampmann.

Winner: Martin Kampmann by way of 2nd round TKO