Rear Naked Ramblings – Maynard/Guida, UFC 147, And Victor Ortiz

Duan and Big D are of the opinion that there is simply too much MMA on TV. Cactus Jim and I are of the opinion that as viewers, we can pick and choose what is important to watch and thus, more MMA isn’t necessarily a problem. However, when it comes to B-level shows, I’ve noticed that I’ve been choosing to either skip entirely or watch later on my DVR more often than not. In that way, MMA is becoming far more like WWE than I’d hoped it would. And when I say MMA, I really do mean UFC since I’m not even going to bother with Bellator if I can’t keep up with the UFC.

– Dana White likes to say that Ben Askren is boring, and there’s definitely an argument to that. However, I think I’d rather watch Askren own someone at a game he’s really good at than watch two really good wrestlers have a sparring match, which was pretty much what we got with Gray Maynard and Clay Guida. I was super interested in the fight, but found myself bored entirely except when Maynard couldn’t take it anymore and just dropped his hands begging Guida to engage. Guida was once a must-see star on the rise. Now? Well, I’ve found his style much less interesting of late. It’s one thing to be in and out with your boxing. But he’s often more out than in.

– I enjoyed the UFC 147 main event if only because it’s hard not to like Rich Franklin if you’re a long-time UFC fan and it’s really, really hard not to like Wanderlei Silva if you’re a long-time MMA fan in general. Each has lost a step and Silva has lost far more than Franklin, but Silva found something in the 2nd round and looked almost like the Silva of old before gassing out and having nothing left. It also shows you how much Franklin has lost. He had a gassed out Silva and didn’t even really seem interested in finishing him. And this is a guy who finished Chuck Liddell not too long ago. Good main event, but if you didn’t bother, I don’t blame you either. See the introduction of this post.

– I feel badly for Victor Ortiz, but is anyone really surprised? He’s a magnificent athlete, but this is now the third time he’s asked out of a fight if you count the Floyd Mayweather fight like I do. He didn’t want any business being in there with Mayweather and figured out a way to get out of that fight. But after quitting against Maidana and head-butting Mayweather, are you really going to pay to watch him fight knowing that three of his biggest fights have ended without him finishing the fight. The Berto performance aside, when’s the last time you left a Victor Ortiz fight thinking that Ortiz gave it his all? Why I feel badly for him is because in his loss to Josesito Lopez, he very well may have had a reason to ask out of that fight. Fighting with a broken jaw is no joke and it may have been more serious than we know. But after his previous history, we are less capable of feeling sorry for him than we would be without those two previous incidences.

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