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The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 11: Saunders Vs. Pichel And Iaquinta Vs. Ogle

Chris Saunders talks about his troubled childhood and he and Andy Ogle bond. Dominick Cruz thinks the key to the fight is Vinc Pichel taking Saunders down and maybe submitting him.

Vinc Pichel vs. Chris Saunders

Fun first round with both guys showing how evenly matched they are. Pichel was working for a take down against the cage and Saunders reversed the position, got the take down, but nearly ended up on the bottom. The rest of the round was a battle for position with Pichel getting the better of Saunders with inside striking.

Pichel most definitely won the second. Saunders was the one fighting better on the inside, getting his back, but not being able to take him down. Pichel was landing knees to the abdomen. Saunders was getting tired trying to hold on and let him go. Pichel immediately tagged him and it looked like it could be over. But Saunders fought back, but still lost the round.

Winner: Vinc Pichel by way of majority decision

Andy Ogle says it’s his time. Urijah Faber says Iaquinta doesn’t let on what he’s thinking.

Andy Ogle vs. Al Iaquinta

These guys came to throw hands. Ogle was having trouble keeping Iaquinta off him, but was holding his own with strikes. Iaquinta just kept stalking him though and was starting to land bigger shots. He put Ogle down and looked like he was trying to get his back, but they were back on their feet. Iaquinta used his left hand to hold Ogle’s head and just laid him out with an elbow. Nasty shot.

Winner: Al Iaquinta by way of 1st round TKO

The semis are going to be James Vick vs. Michael Chiesa and Vinc Pichel vs. Al Iaquinta.

Dana White announced that Urijah Faber would face Renan Barao. Dominick Cruz looked heartbroken.

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