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The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 10: Lawrence Vs. Chiesa and Vick Vs. Proctor

Dana White showed up at the training facility and told both teams to meet at the bleachers. Dana says that Cruz blew his knee out and tore his ACL. White says Cruz will be out 9 months. He tells Faber that he’ll have a fight for him scheduled for next week. It sounds like it may be Michael McDonald.

Dana says Cruz will stay and coach his team. Cruz says he hopes Faber wins so he can whip him when he’s better. Faber says that he’s starting the rumor that Ronda Rousey tore Cruz’s knee.

James Vick vs. Joe Proctor

Vick is so long and he’s able to hit Proctor in the face all while not being hit. He bloodied Proctor’s face early on, but he also has a bloody nose. So he got hit as well.

Proctor got a takedown, but Vick quickly got up. Proctor tried a choke, but Vick was able to get him down and landed on top of him. Vick’s using his kicks to keep the distance, but Proctor has been able to decrease the distance better in this round.

Winner: James Vick by unanimous decision

I think I would’ve given Proctor the second round for sure and thought there should’ve been a third round.

Justin Lawrence vs. Michael Chiesa

Fast paced first round that was mostly on the ground, surprisingly. For whatever reason, Lawrence stayed on the ground with him and Chiesa was just destroying him off his back. He was going for a Kimura and nearly had a triangle when the round ended. While he didn’t have the triangle, he was nailing Lawrence’s head with elbows.

Like the opposite of the first round, this one was nearly all on the feet. Chiesa couldn’t get it to the ground. Lawrence threw two shots to the body and Chiesa went down, which suckered Lawrence to go to the ground and Chiesa nearly tore his shoulder off with a Kimura. Lawrence stayed on top of him surprisingly. Cruz didn’t want him there.

They’re going to a third round. I had Chiesa winning the first and Lawrence the second. They were on the mat and Lawrence was tired. Chiesa reversed him easily and Lawrence pretty much gave up on the bottom from exhaustion. Chiesa hit him a few times and the referee stopped it.

Winner: Michael Chiesa by way of 3rd round TKO

Dana White has next week’s fights as Vinc Pichel vs. Chris Saunders and Al Iaquinta vs. Andy Ogle.