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UFC Primetime: Jones vs. Evans Episode 1 Recap

Rashad Evans says the first time he knew Jon Jones planned to fight him was when he saw Jones reading a book of moves before a fight and when Evans came in to wish him luck, Jones covered up his notes.

Evans says that Greg Jackson came to him asking to bring Jones on the team and Evans noticed that he’d be someone that he’d have to fight down the line and wasn’t comfortable. He says that Jackson told him it wouldn’t go down like that and he’d have to trust him and if it did go down, he’d stick with Evans.

They show a clip of Jones being interviewed by Ariel Helwani and Jones says if Dana wanted him to fight Rashad, he’d have to do it. Rashad says before, they both would say they were like brothers and would never fight each other.

Jackson says there’s no negative animosity that he has for Rashad. Jackson says he didn’t have the protocol in place for when teammates needed to fight teammates. Jones says he’s done nothing wrong and Rashad got outworked and needed to fight Jones. Jackson is going to work Jones’ corner after deciding against it initially.

Jones says Rashad just wasted the last 3-4 months of his life training because there’s no way he can win.

Evans’ Blackzillians Team is contrasted with why he’s not fighting with Greg Jackson anymore. Evans seems to want his new team to be everything that his old team wasn’t. He says that he doesn’t have family in South Florida so his teammates are his family.

Jones’ brother Arthur, starting defensive end for the Baltimore Ravens, is a big part of Jones’ camp because he keeps Jones working hard, much like when they were kids since Arthur was the better athlete growing up. Bones still wants to impress him. Bones is the little brother who always has something to prove. Arthur is the older brother who will always be the older brother.

Verdict: This show did a fantastic job at making Evans a compelling babyface. Jones is so business-like that he’s become nearly unlikable. However, being that I have two kids and I see the big brother/little brother dynamic, I sort of get it. Bones has always had to keep up with his big bro who is an exceptional athlete and Evans tried to treat him like a little bro. Great stuff.