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The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 7: Vinc Pichel Vs. John Cofer

Dominick Cruz was hot after Chris Tickle’s loss. He questioned his heart and said he didn’t listen, which is why he lost. Urijah Faber told Tickle that he’s a warrior and he fought well. Cruz told Faber that no one wanted to listen to him and he needed to go away and they started to trash talk. Cruz’s comment about Tickle having no heart hurt him and he apologized.

Andy Ogle is letting the cameras get to him and he’s mentally and physically breaking down.

Pichel wants to keep the fight standing. He says the judges will not decide the fight.

Sam Sicilia is frustrated and trying to over perform. He’s putting more pressure on himself because he was the second pick and doesn’t want to let Cruz down.

Ogle is getting frustrated at Mike Chiesa’s relationship with Sicilia because he knows they’re best friends and think Chiesa is leaking information.

Faber says Cofer is going to use his wrestling because Pichel doesn’t have good wrestling.

Chiesa talks to Ogle and clears up the situation. Ogle says he trusts him.

Dana White tells the guys that this is the longest anyone has ever been on The Ultimate Fighter. He tells them to suck it up and stick it out and they’ll be better fighters and better men after it’s all over.

Vinc Pichel vs. John Cofer

Pichel said that if they stood up, he’d own him. Well, not quite. It’s clear that Pichel hits harder but Cofer was doing a better job of being in and out and hitting him with shots. Pichel started to get him really late in the round, but Cofer may have taken that first round.

The second was Pichel’s round all the way. He dominated the standup and ended up on top of Cofer at the end of the round, mostly in the north-south position. This thing is probably going to a third round.

Pichel came out on fire in the third. He was caught in a guillotine, got out of it and finished Cofer with an arm triangle.

Winner: Vinc Pichel by way of 3rd round submission

Cruz picks Sicilia to face Chris Saunders for Friday.

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