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The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 5: Michael Chiesa Vs. Jeremy Larsen

Urijah Faber says he hopes Dominick Cruz is miserable after the loss. Cruz says he’s learning how to be Faber and it sucks to be Faber. Larsen says he’s going to knock Chiesa’s beard off his face. Cruz puts pressure on Sam Sicilia to give up some of Chiesa’s secrets since he knows him so well.

Chiesa says he’s loyal to his team, but his friendship with Sam comes first. Sam says he’s not going to compromise the type of person he is for his team. Cruz tells Sam that his job is to get his team wins, not to worry about people’s friendships.

Chris Tickle says he might have gout. Cruz brings Tickle in and says that he needs to stop complaining and stick around or to go home. Tickle was upset and will stick it out, though says he’s in a ton of pain.

Chiesa says that people would understand if he bowed out because of his father passing away, but he says he instead uses it as motivation.

Tickle tries to get out of sparring because he’s not feeling well. Cruz calls his bluff and makes him stick it out, but when Cruz walks away, Tickle sneaks away to get to the restroom.

Cruz says he and Larsen were friends when they were younger because their mothers were friends, but then they went their separate ways and now MMA has brought them back together.

Tickle goes to the doctor and he doesn’t have gout. After just saying that he was in so much pain, he now says that he’s feeling good.

Jeremy Larsen vs. Michael Chiesa

Chiesa worked for the takedown immediately and eventually got it. Larsen worked hard to get up and finally did. Chiesa got another one. He’s really working hard for them. Larsen was up on a knee and Chiesa kneed him, which was sort of Faber’s fault as he was calling for it, but Chiesa should’ve known better. They took a point from Chiesa so it’s probably a 9-9.

Chiesa doesn’t give up on takedowns. He got another one. But he looks so uncomfortable when he’s not shooting. His opportunities come because he’s flexible with his legs and is good at trips. Larsen couldn’t keep him off.

Winner: Michael Chiesa by way of unanimous decision

Larsen must’ve thought he won the first round because after the point being taken away, he thought they were going to a third.

Faber picks Goutless Chris Tickle to face Joe Proctor next week.

The episode had an intriguing story with friends who are on opposite sides, but it didn’t really go anywhere after Cruz tried to get Sicilia to give up the goods on Chiesa and he said he wouldn’t. And most of the rest of the episode was about Goutless Chris Tickle. How did they know he was going to fight next?

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