Mayweather-Cotto 24/7: Episode 1 Recap

With the new Evans/Jones Primetime, 24/7 might have some competition for best hype show going. Let’s see how Mayweather/Cotto compares.

Mayweather immediately starts by saying that 24/7 isn’t much without Mayweather. 50 Cent is next to him and nearly in the dark and says ratings are lower whenever Mayweather’s not involved. Mayweather says if he were HBO, he’d only give Cotto 10 minutes of air time.

Who didn’t love Cotto beating up Margarito? It was a great moment last year.

50 Cent says 1 day is too many to be in jail. He doesn’t think Floyd is thinking about it because the waiting is the worst part. He thinks that when Floyd gets back from jail it’s going to be interesting because being out of jail and going back to boxing and it’s going to be therapeutic for him. Leonard Ellerbie says that he knows the facts and we don’t, and Mayweather plead guilty to protect his family.

Floyd says Miguel Cotto is in there to mess him up and he has to do damage. He was built for boxing and loves the smell of the gloves.

Cotto trainer Pedro Diaz says that the Cotto team needs to understand that there’s no clock. It’s all work. He says that when Miguel lost to Margarito, he was in a complex situation, because he was thinking about why and all he wanted to do was show the world that he could beat him. When he did, Diaz told him the nightmare was over.

It’s kind of odd seeing 50 Cent, who was once the biggest recording artist in the US become a Mayweather hanger on. I’m sure they’re really good friends, but it’s still weird.

Mayweather says he won’t do another interview with Larry Merchant. It was interesting seeing the Victor Ortiz punch again. I still think Ortiz crumbled under the pressure and also that Mayweather probably took an extra early shot that was unnecessary. Doesn’t matter though. He was going to knock him out at some point in that fight.

Floyd Sr. is back! It wasn’t the most genuine of meetings, but Floyd Jr. gave his pops a small hug.

Cotto says he’s the last chapter of Mayweather’s career.

Verdict: This feels very much like the last few Mayweather fights, which is that it’s a Mayweather event. Cotto is the best guy Mayweather has faced, maybe ever, but it doesn’t feel that way based on the build so far. I hope we get to see a truly dedicated and silent killer in Cotto.

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