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The Ultimate Fighter Live Episode 4: Miles Jury Vs. Al Iaquinta

Dominck Cruz says he’s now 3-0, if you count the last fight against Urijah Faber. Dana White said Marcello’s game plan was terrible, which was quite obvious, though Faber isn’t bothered. Like how he fought, like a Warrior.

Myles Jury and Mike Rio were sparring and Jury hit him with a spinning back-fist, causing Rio to tweak his knee. He’s probably going to be okay, but it looked scary for a second.

Iaquinta told Faber that he wanted to be on the aggressive and not on the defensive. Faber said Iaquinta has great coaching with Matt Serra and then called Cruz “The Decisionator”.

Cruz says Rio’s knee is going to force him to make a decision on whether to give it up or suck it up. He looks like he’s in a lot of pain.

Andy Ogle wants Rio. Sam Sicilia says that Jury is focused and tells him he doesn’t think it’s going to be that hard of a fight.

Myles Jury vs. Al Iaquinta

Jury was doing a good job counter-striking early on. Iaquinta was the aggressor like he wanted to be. Iaquinta was doing a good job keeping the pressure on him, but then was taken down. He had Jury in some crab-like maneuver and then got his back before the round ended.

Jury immediately kicked Iaquinta in the ball-sack. Jury caught him with a straight punch that caused him to fall backward. As Jury tried to followup, he was rocked himself. Iaquinta is doing a much better job of cutting off the cage and landing shots. If Jury won the first round, Iaquinta won the second. Jury landed a nice uppercut that looked like it was coming in slow motion. Then he finished the round with a takedown.

It’s going to a third round. Round is pretty tight. Iaquinta is trying to set up the big right while Jury is trying to set up running knees. Iaquinta sees them coming. Jury needs some takedowns or something. Iaquinta is the aggressor and Jury is just doing a lot of feinting and missing. They both tried to flurry at the end. It’s probably Iaquinta’s round.

Winner: Al Iaquinita by way of split decision

Not a good night for Jon Anik. Neither guy answered his question. Dana White said it was supposed to be a one-minute rest period and it looks like it was longer than that.

Faber chose Michael Chiesa to face Jeremy Larsen. I guess they’re giving Rio a break with his knee.

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