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2012 Royal Rumble Preview Part 1

We’re going to do a four part preview for the Royal Rumble. The first two parts will be historical while the last two parts will be about this year’s show.

In this first part, I asked the FGB crew about their favorite Royal Rumble moments ever.

Here are the memories:

Alan: Benoit winning in 2004. Sure it’s been tainted by non-wrestling stuff but at the time it happened I was over the moon. It was such a well crafted Rumble from beginning to end, and the finish by taking over Big Show with the guillotine was incredible. I remember really not wanting Goldberg to win and freaking out when Brock caused him to get eliminated.

Duan: Austin’s entrance in 1998. If I was to point to the one time when I was most invested in the WWE product, it would probably be that first quarter of 1998. Stone Cold had picked fights with pretty much everybody in WWE leading up to the Rumble. Watching the packed ring fall deathly still as Austin’s music hit, and he prepared to face down his ten on one odds, was one of the most tense moments the company ever created.

Cactus Jim: The show where the Rock just bashed the shit out of Foley with unprotected chair shots. That was pretty memorable.

Don: 5. Bushwhacker Luke power-walking down to the ring, climbing inside, getting tossed out by Warlord, then doing his power-walk to the back.
4. Mr. Perfect’s return, complete with the swatting of the gum.
3. CM Punk cutting promo after promo in the middle of the Rumble.
2. Hogan/Warrior stare-down. Compare the crowd noise to the apathy of the 2011 crowd noise when Cena and Orton had their stare-down.
1. Demolition Ax is #1. Demolition Smash is #2. Awesomeness ensues.

Big D: 5. Mr. Perfect’s return in 2002
4. Foley in 2004 replacing Test
3. Cena’s return in 2008 with the huge pop at #30
2. Diesel stiffing Virgil and murdering the entire roster in 1994
1. Ric Flair and Bobby Heenan’s commentary in 1992

GG: There have been some tremendous Royal Rumble moments. But if I were to rank one on top of all the rest, it would have to be the 1992 Royal Rumble. Back then, I was almost sure that Ric Flair was going to enter early and stay late. But I was still counting on the Hogan/Flair moment to set it off. Instead, it was Flair vs. everyone. Watching that match back, there were so many memorable wrestlers in the match that I’d never seen Flair in the ring with whether it was Tito Santana, the British Bulldog, or Jake Roberts. It just seemed surreal to see the NWA icon in a WWF battle royal. And Bobby Heenan’s commentary just made it that much better. Be fair to Flair. Heenan turning on wrestlers during the match who were helping Flair earlier and then beating him up after. Just tremendous stuff. It’s my favorite booked Royal Rumble ever.

If you haven’t seen that 1992 Royal Rumble, someone put the entire thing on YouTube. You can watch below.

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