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UFC 140 – Lyoto Machida Vs. Jon Jones Play By Play

I missed the very first fight and from what I gather, the Korean Zombie knocked out Mark Hominick in 7 seconds. Holy crap! You just never know with this sport.

If upsets are the story of the night, there will be some unhappy people.

2. Brian Ebersole vs. Claude Patrick

Not the most entertaining first round, but still interesting. Patrick had a guillotine attempt on early, but Ebersole wasn’t in trouble. The rest of the round was mostly striking up against the cage, with no one really doing much, but Ebersole probably getting the better of the action. Not really sure how to score the round.

A lot of the same as the end of the first round. Who wins the round is based on who did the most damage in a round that wasn’t all that pretty to watch.

Patrick had three nice submissions, but Ebersole got out of each one. There was some great ground work and ground defense in this round and the last minute of the round was excellent.

Winner: Brian Ebersole by way of split decision

Ebersole got two of the 29-28 scores while Patrick got one. Not a lot of people happy with that decision, including one Lorenzo Fertita.

3. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Tito Ortiz

Tito started out quickly, hanging in there in the pocket with Lil’ Nog, trying to get Nog to open up so he could take him down. But Nog landed a left hand that turned the tide. Tito was taking punches on the arms, but it was a knee to the body that put him down. Nog was on top and Tito was covering up, trying to throw up his legs as if to say he was trying to work on a submission. But Nog was throwing nasty elbows/forearms to the ribs and it was stopped. Tito looks to be in a bit of pain.

Winner: Antonio Rogerio Nogueira by way of 1st round TKO

4. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Frank Mir

This was an amazing one round fight. Big Nog came to fight. He staggered Mir on the feet and Mir slumped backward. Nog followed him to the ground and looked like he was going to stop him with ground and pound. For some reason, Nog went for a guillotine. He rolled over and Mir popped out of it and grabbed onto a kimura. Nog rolled over, but Mir followed through and popped his shoulder out.

Winner: Frank Mir by 1st round TKO

I guess they’re calling Mir’s victory a submission rather than a TKO because the referee stopped it before he tapped. It was nasty.

5. Lyoto Machida vs. Jon Jones

Good round for Machida. He had Jones off balanced and back pedaling. He also hit Jones with a right hand that looked like it landed flush. Jones wasn’t hurt, but it woke him up. Jones is trying to use his kicks. Machida is hard to hit clean. Interestingly, the fight was entirely on the feet. Jones didn’t shoot.

Jones finally went for a takedown and got it. He also opened up Machida with an elbow over the eye and Big John stopped the fight to check out the cut which was a huge gash. They restarted up against the cage and Jones put him in a standing guillotine. Machida went limp and it was over. Machida did a Flair flop to the ground.

Winner: Jon Jones by way of 2nd round submission

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