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The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 – Episode 10

We’re down to the final actual episode of the Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV. The season finale is this weekend and tonight, we’ll see which other two fighters make it.

Dodson says this fight is different because his opponent (Johnny Bedford) is standing right there watching him. Bedford wants him because he was the mole. Mayhem says that he’ll let the guys choose which assistant coaches they want in their corner and he’ll sit off to the side and just watch.

Dodson says he has a Napoleon complex.

Johnny Bedford vs. John Dodson

It’s 5’10 vs. 5’3. Jeez Dodson, at least say that you’re 5’5.

Pretty close first round. Bedford had some nice counter strikes early on. But Dodson is a problem for him. Whenever he gets in close, he gets punched with a short hook. Both men got takedowns. Bedford looks frustrated.

Bedford rocked him a bit early in the round, but Dodson caught him with a short hook and he went down. Dodson followed up with rapid fire shots on the ground and it was over.

Winner: John Dodson by 2nd round TKO

Bryan Caraway says he’s thrown up before 30 of his 33 fights. Mayhem tries to hype him up a bit. If I had to fight crazy Diego, I’d throw up before the fight too.

On the last night in the house, Mayhem parties with the guys and starts riding his bike while in his underwear. He then jumps into the pool with his bike.

Bryan Caraway vs. Diego Brandao

Diego threw a left hook that put a hole in the door while coming out.

This was one of the poorer stoppages I’ve seen in a while. Diego was all over him and was drilling him with shots on the ground. He took a ton of unnecessary punishment. Caraway had that look on his face that said, “Get me out of here.” Diego is a mini-Mike Tyson.

Winner: Diego Brandao by 1st round TKO

Diego calls out Dennis for talking shit. Dennis looked over to whoever was to his left and said he didn’t say anything. He already looked scared.

Bisping tells Mayhem, “Welcome to the UFC.” Mayhem has already fought in the UFC before buddy.

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4 comments on “The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 – Episode 10

  1. Duan says:

    wow they were two deplorably late stoppages.

    I’m I alone in not being able to differentiate weight classes on this show? It just dawned on me that I had no idea which guys were supposed to be fighting each other. They didn’t do a good job of making the different weight brackets apparent throughout the series.

    Diego is the only guy I like from the season really. Both of the bantamweight finalists annoy the hell out of me.

  2. GG says:

    Yep, now that I think about it, Dodson’s rapid fire punches on the ground were because the ref got in there too late. I couldn’t differentiate either. All the fighters just looked like small men who could all fight.

    I like Diego, but I also like the kid Dodson’s fighting.

  3. David says:

    My Boy COTTO will out box margocheato’s ass tonight mark my words Cotto by Late round tko or on points either way Cotto’s always been better than margocheato. Cotto has been cheated on twice by emanuel and margocheato. I can’t wait for justice.

  4. GG says:

    Can’t wait! Rooting hard for Cotto.

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