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Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 11

Andre and Carl do a press conference in front of Carl’s home fans. Andre says no matter what, he still feels that his back is against the wall. Then, they immediately go to New York to tape the Staredown video show.

And then, they go to Oakland near Andre’s hometown. Of course, Virgil Hunter opened his mouth to talk trash.

They show Andre’s cut which pushed the fight back two months. He wanted to be 100%.

Froch says he found out on Twitter. His mom says he has freak of nature-like genetics and she doesn’t think he’ll ever lose again.

They show Carl’s son who his mom says is Carl all over again. Carl’s beautiful girlfriend says that he’s a great father.

Ward talks to the Oakland Raiders after meeting Hue Jackson at his church.

They show Ward beating Mikkel Kessler after Froch lost to Kessler and showed both guys beating Arthur Abraham.

I have a feeling this is going to be very close fight. Ward is more athletically gifted, but Froch is probably more savvy. Whatever happens though, it will be the end of the Super Six. We could see more than fight between these two guys.

Here’s the entire episode below:

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