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Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 10

The episode starts with green screen footage from the day before the tournament was announced, over two years ago. Hey, Jermain!

The show flashes back to the May fight between Arthur Abraham and Andre Ward. At the press conference, Virgil Hunter, Ward’s trainer was picking on Abraham by saying that his promoter didn’t have confidence in him anymore. He stayed on him when Abraham was trying on his gloves, saying that he didn’t hit hard. It was pretty disrespectful.

With the production of the fight, they made Abraham into a pretty compelling character. I actually care more about Abraham now than I did before this tournament started. Arthur is now portrayed as a fighter who doesn’t follow his game plan for whatever reason.

Before Carl Froch’s fight with Glen Johnson, Ward says that he thinks it should be he and Froch in the final because they were there from the start.

And yes, we get to see Carl’s girlfriend for a bit. During the fight, Glen got a lot more of Carl than I remember.

It looks like there will be one last Fight Camp 360 before the Super Six Final previewing the big fight between Andre Ward and Carl Froch.

Edit: Duan found the video on YouTube.

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