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UFC 139 Undercard Results With Live Thoughts


While I’m not live at UFC 139, Cactus Jim is and he’s sent in his thoughts of the fights and things we may not discern from watching the Facebook fights.

1. Danny Castillo defeated Sharmar Bailey by 1st round TKO

Cactus Jim says:
Probably about 30 percent full. Good reaction for the first fight. The life pop for Castillo was good especially when he went to the mount and for the finish.

2. Seth Baczynski defeated Matt Brown by 2nd round submission

Cactus Jim says:
Crowd was quite for this fight. Baczynski looked quite a bit bigger and it seemed like like a pretty easy win.

3. Miguel Torres defeated Nick Pace by unanimous decision

Cactus Jim says:
Strong reaction for Torres. Not sure if it’s the Mexican fighter cheer or damn good fighter cheer. Pace was booed. Arriany’s ass looks marvelous. Looks like 30-27 for Torres.

4. Gleison Tibau defeated Raphael Dos Anjos by split decision

Cactus Jim says:
Tibau wins the battle of the entrance music, but probably loses the fight. Dos Anjos made a good showing in round three, but it’s 29-28 Tibau on my card.

5. Chris Weidman defeated Tom Lawlor by 1st round submission

Cactus Jim says:
The crowd loves Lawlor’s entrance. (It was Olivia Newton John’s Let’s Get Physical according to Big Dave Meltzer). Referee Josh Rosenthal was laughing and told Lawlor that his entrance was nice. Filthy Tom Lawlor took a nap. Crowd is about 70% full now.

6. Michael McDonald defeated Alex Soto by 1st round TKO

Cactus Jim says:
Crowd is behind McDonald. Holy shit.

7. Ryan Bader defeated Jason Brilz by 1st round TKO

Cactus Jim says:
Brilz looks to be in the best shape ever. Too bad.

Next up is the PPV portion of our play by play.