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UFC 139 – Shogun Rua Vs. Dan Henderson Play By Play

UFC is coming from San Jose, CA, my home town, and while I’m not there to give the live play by play, Cactus Jim is there and will be sending in his live thoughts to pepper in with my play by play. He has live thoughts on the full undercard here: https://fightgamemedia.com/2011/11/ufc-139-undercard-results-with-live-thoughts/.

The main event is a battle of Pride stars, so there’s a historical slant to this card. With Wanderlei Silva in the semi-main event, I have a feeling lots of Pride fans who don’t currently watch a ton of UFC, may be checking this show out tonight.

There’s also a San Jose flavor to the show with Kyle Kingsbury, Cung Le, and Urijah Faber (close by) all on the show.

Cactus Jim said the crowd might not be rooting for Le necessarily. He said: I think Wanderlei is going to be the crowd favorite in his fight. Definitely not like the Strikeforce reaction to the pre-fight Cung Le footage. Lots of boos.

1. Kyle Kingsbury vs. Stephan Bonnar

The first round was a good slugfest. Bonnar pushed the pace and didn’t let Kingsbury get into any kind of rhythm. He bloodied his nose with a big right hand. Kingsbury looks strong and wanted to make it physical, but Bonnar was all over him. Strong round for Bonnar.

Round two was completely different. Bonnar immediately took it to the ground and controlled Kingsbury the entire round. He tried to little brother him, but Kingsbury is so strong.

Cactus Jim said: Big pop for the old balls on the nose move.

Round three was more of the same. Cactus Jim said the crowd was getting restless at Bonnar continually in side control and Kingsbury not able to do anything.

Winner: Stephan Bonnar by way of unanimous decision

Bonnar got two 10-8 rounds on one card. He also apologized to Josh Koscheck for printing the shirts when he asked him not to.

Cain Velasquez was in the crowd in a blue Mick Foley shirt and said he’d be back.

I think Martin Kampmann is coming down to the ring to Three 6 Mafia’s It’s A Fight from the Rocky Balboa soundtrack.

2. Rick Story vs. Martin Kampmann

Great first round. Both guys came out throwing big shots. Kampmann started to use his length near the end of the round. Story was getting inside and really dictating where the fight was going. Kampmann was cut off a huge right, and Story was also cut in the round. Cactus Jim thought Story won a close round and if I had to choose, I’d go him as well. Could’ve been a 10-10 too.

Kampmann started to take over by finding his distance with his punches and then did a trip takedown on Story and finished the round on top of him. I’d imagine it’s 1-1 on many cards.

Slow third round after a pretty exciting one and a half rounds. Kampmann slowed the fight down and made it a physical wrestling match. They both took each other down, but Kampmann possibly wins the round by taking Story’s back and going for a choke at the end of the round.

Winner: Martin Kampmann by way of split decision

One judge had it 29-28 for Story and two judges had it for Kampmann.

After slow ends to the first two fights, Cactus Jim says that the graphic to the Faber/Bowles fight got people on their feet. I think they expect this is where the card picks up.

3. Brian Bowles vs. Urijah Faber

This is a great round for Urijah Faber. He was in and out with his boxing, landing several shots and a couple of combinations and most importantly, stayed away from Bowles’ right hand. Urijah got a takedown late, fought through a guillotine attempt and was going for broke on top. Bowles got a nice upkick in there. Cactus Jim also has Urijah winning the round.

What a performance by Faber. He’d attempted a few uppercuts in the first round and finally landed one. Bowles buckled against the cage and Faber followed up with hard shots. Bowles was fighting off his back, trying to defend himself and did a good job. Faber turned him over and sunk in a guillotine and Bowles had to tap out.

Winner: Urijah Faber by 2nd round submission

4. Cung Le vs. Wanderlei Silva

Cactus Jim says there was a mix of boos and cheers for Cung Le, while Wanderlei receive big cheers. He also says that Le looks soft in the middle.

Silva started fighting a bit defensively and then just started winging punches. Either his punches are predictable, or Le has him perfectly scouted because every time Wanderlei winds up, Le’s out of there. Lots of swings and misses for Silva. Le nearly dropped him with a spinning back fist and then nailed him with a kick. Wanderlei cut him with a straight right and nailed him a kick of his own. He finished the round strong by getting inside and landing shorter punches.

Le’s kicks are slowing down and Silva can see them coming better. Silva landed two clean right hands that snapped Le’s head back. When Le comes inside to start the exchanges, he gets hit with a right hand. Silva is a really good counter puncher right now. Silva had him hurt with a nasty right hand and Le went for a takedown. Silva stuffed it and hit three nasty knees before Le could even get his wits about him. Silva dropped him and Le was holding on for dear life, taking hammer shots and it was stopped.

Winner: Wanderlei Silva by way of 2nd round TKO

Cactus Jim says he saw Dave Batista who left right after the fight and looked upset.

5. Dan Henderson vs. Shogun Rua

Cactus Jim says neither guy got as big of a reaction as Silva or Le did in the prior fight.

Shogun took Henderson down, but Henderson popped up and put him in a guillotine. He then hit him with a nasty knee to the face and threw about 10 straight punches, with about half of them connecting. Shogun is a bloody mess already. Shogun dropped Henderson, but Henderson grabbed on his leg and took him down and then threw a right hand that landed. I have the round for Hendo as does Cactus Jim.

I thought Hendo might be tired, but he was still throwing huge punches and landing. Though, Shogun is standing toe-to-toe with him now, seemingly less afraid of getting knocked out. Yet another strong round for Henderson, but it was much closer. Shogun looks to have found his range a bit as well.

Henderson nearly ended it with a right hand. He got on top of him and was landing shot after shot. Shogun couldn’t even get his hands up to defend himself, but then finally turtled up. He grabbed Henderson’s leg and then was back on his feet. I’m not sure how he’s even standing. His face is a bloody mess. He’s leaning on Henderson against the cage, with both men taking a bit of a rest. Henderson was landing elbows and then Shogun took him down. They’re both tired.

Shogun started the round with a takedown. Henderson got Shogun’s back and then Shogun rolled toward him and Hendo was on top of him, but they decided to get back on their feet. Hendo quickly shot in with a double leg of his own. Hendo looks absolutely done. Shogun takes him down and had his back and lost it. Henderson’s just laying on top of him now.

Shogun is in complete control now. Henderson is trying to hold on to outlast him. But these last two rounds could’ve been 10-8s for Shogun. The scoring is going to be crazy. Shogun is trying to finish on top. Henderson lasted. This is probably 10-8, but round three could’ve been 10-8 for Hendo. It’s too bad these guys couldn’t do it again on the UFC on Fox 2 show. I have Henderson winning by 1 point.

Winner: Dan Henderson by way of unanimous decision

Henderson won 48-47 on all cards, so no 10-8 rounds for the judges.

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