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The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 – Episode 9

I’m a little bummed out that we’re nearly done with the season. I believe there are just two episodes left including this one. It’s been a fantastic season. The fights have been good and the back and forth between Mayhem and Bisping has been good as well.

Dustin handed a goody bag to a homeless man on his way to the gym. Dustin fights TJ on this show.

The house had a BBQ and invited Mayhem and his coaches. Dustin was challenged to eat a cockroach for some money. And he decided to take the challenge for 60 bones. Come on Mayhem! Bring out more cash for that.

Mayhem and Bisping are playing air hockey for $10,000 in a best out of five games. Bisping takes the first game 7-1. He takes the second game 7-4. Mayhem takes the third game 7-5 before Bisping wins the entire thing by winning his third game 7-4. He jumped on top of the air hockey table with the money and then fell on his back and hit his head when he tried to get off.

Dustin Pague vs. TJ Dillashaw

Pague was on his back for much of the first round. Dillashaw is able to get off first and his short and quick punches are doing more damage than Pague’s longer strikes. Dillashaw no sold a nasty knee.

Second round was similar, but Pague was able to land shots from the bottom. Still took a bit of a beating. Dillashaw landed some shots and then immediately went for the takedown. Pague can’t get off his back.

Brutal ground fight. Dillashaw was nailing him with hammer fists. Dillashaw was setting up his takedowns with nasty body shots.

Winner: TJ Dillashaw by way of unanimous decision

Two judges scored it 30-26 and one judge scored it 30-27.

Next week are the last two fights until the finale.

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