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The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 – Episode 8

Akira is making fun of Caraway because he likes to put gel in his hair. He grabbed some clippers and took a chunk out of his hair. Dick move! If Dana could work the finishes, Caraway would get revenge!

Mayhem was worried that Tiki was going to do something to his car so he rode his bike to the gym. Bisping drifted the hell out of his car into the parking lot. Bisping tried to keep Mayhem’s crew in the locker room by trash talking and then exploded the fire extinguisher on them and brought in some mariachis. I have no idea what this means, but these dudes are acting like it was the greatest prank ever. Mayhem loved the prank, even though it was on him.

Johnny Bedford is pissed because he’s got a fight coming up and had to breath in the chemicals.

Bisping does a drill with Akira to where he’s got to work off his back and he didn’t like it a bit. He just wants to stand and trade.

Marcus pulls a prank on Bisping with Akira and dropped a sweaty jock right in Bisping’s face. Bisping picked Akira up and slammed him and then put Marcus’ jock on his face. Akira said that he and Marcus are now brothers since he just tasted his salty balls. Not sure how that makes them brothers.

Akira is serenading Dennis Bermudez before the fight. This dude is hilarious.

Dennis Bermudez vs. Akira Corassani

Akira started out quickly by tagging him and Bermudez looked a little lost. But he got his composure back after tying him up and pushing him up against the cage. He rung Bermudez again who won’t move his head for the life of him. But he tagged Akira with a straight right as well. Akira knocked him down and Bermudez immediately went for the shot and took him down. He then put a front guillotine on him. It looked like Akira tapped about three times, but he finally tapped.

Winner: Dennis Bermudez by way of 1st round submission

Akira had no idea what happened and started going nuts for a second. No matter what happens, Akira needs to have at least one or two fights in the UFC. The guy is entertaining.

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