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UFC 136 Play By Play – Gray Maynard Vs. Frankie Edgar

After their draw on New Year’s Day, the hope is that we’ll have a conclusive decision tonight during the main event. Gray Maynard is still undefeated, but Frankie Edgar has a lot of momentum after being blitzed during the first round of their fight. On one card, he won every round except for the first. And on another, he won three out of five. It’s up to Maynard to press the action and nullify Edgar’s quickness advantage.

On the Spike TV prelims, Anthony Pettis won a split decision over Jeremy Stephens while Demian Maia won a unanimous decision over Jorge Santiago.

1. Joe Lauzon vs. Melvin Guillard
Lauzon caught Guillard with a really short left. Guillard was exposed completely trying to throw a big shot of his own. Guillard wobbled and Lauzon immediately jumped on him and sunk in a rear naked choke for the submission.

Winner: Joe Lauzon

2. Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan

Garcia was landing big shots right out of the gate. Phan looked to land a right hand that put Garcia down, but it also looked like Garcia might’ve slipped. Phan is landing his jab at will. Garcia’s defensive strategy is to block Phan’s punches with his face. Garcia telegraph’s all his kicks. Strong round like you’d expect and I’d give it to Phan.

Garcia took a lot of punishment. He can either take a ton of punishment or Phan doesn’t hit very hard. Maybe a bit of both. Garcia took an absolute beating this round. If Phan could’ve put him on the ground, might’ve been a 10-8.

This is the fifteenth round of Balboa vs. Creed. Garcia came out winging and Phan was caught. He went down and Garcia was so tired that he couldn’t follow it up. He popped him again and it looked like Garcia was going to put him out. But Garcia was so tired that he couldn’t follow up. Phan got his head straight and started popping Garcia again. Garcia had problems keeping his hands up. Phan should win this fight, but Garcia made this fight in the third round.

Winner: Nam Phan by decision

It’s a fight of the year candidate for sure. Might even win it.

3. Brian Stann vs. Chael Sonnen

Sonnen immediately shot the double leg and Stann fought it for 90 seconds, but finally went down. Sonnen was in side control and tried for the mount, but fell into Stann’s guard. Stann tried hard to get back up, but Sonnen got his back and is absolutely having his way with him. He’s not letting Stann breath.

Sonnen shot the double leg immediately and Stann was back on his back in seconds. He’s got the mount and there’s still three and a half minutes left in the round. They were stood up for whatever reason and Stann finally landed a shot. Sonnen shot in and Stann stuffed it, but Sonnen kept working it and slammed him. Sonnen worked for an arm triangle and got it.

Winner: Chael Sonnen by 2nd round submission

After the fight, Sonnen said that he wants to fight on Super Bowl weekend. He wants to up the stakes. If Silva loses, he leaves the division. If Sonnen loses, he leaves the UFC. If you beat Anderson, you don’t want him leaving the division. You want him to stick around for the grudge match.

4. Kenny Florian vs. Jose Aldo

Aldo is scary when he’s on the attack. For the most part, Florian got out of dodge, but still ended up with a small cut underneath his eye. Aldo let loose with some combinations, but Florian covered up. Florian had him up against the cage and was able to take him down, but Aldo was right back up. Aldo looks tired already. Florian didn’t let up and was constantly pushing him up against the cage. Florian may have eked out that round.

I’d probably give Aldo that second round, but it was close. He’s definitely fighting Florian’s fight. Florian is keeping his distance and Aldo isn’t rushing in. He’s staying patient.

I think Aldo’s going to win this round too. He had Florian down on his back and was landing some great shots. I don’t think he really hurt Florian, but it was probably his best round so far.

The scoring on this round is going to be interesting. Aldo landed all shots and there weren’t many. But Florian held him up against the cage all round and tried to control him.

I’m not sure how Florian is going to win this fight by holding Aldo up against the cage. Florian was knocked down and tried to goad Aldo into going to the ground. He tried to grab a leg, but Aldo ended up on top of him. Aldo finished it strong. He’s going to win the decision.

Winner: Jose Aldo by way of unanimous decision

5. Gray Maynard vs. Frankie Edgar

This isn’t unlike the first round in their second fight on New Year’s. Maynard is landing his uppercut at will. Edgar looked comfortable and landed the first good left hand. But Maynard put him down three times. Edgar is bleeding from the mouth and looks woozy. It was utter destruction. 10-8 Maynard.

Well, this fight may very well be a duplicate of that first fight. Maynard decided to put it on cruise control and Edgar won that round. His boxing was crisp. Why Maynard didn’t close the distance and start throwing the uppercuts again, the world will never know.

Gray Maynard is letting this fight get away. Edgar took another one and I have it now as a draw through three rounds. Nothing much happened, but Edgar landed a sharp right hand.

Frankie Edgar is a man. He was winning the round and shot in for a takedown. Maynard fought it and Edgar hit him with an uppercut. Maynard was rocked backward and Edgar knocked him into next year.

Winner: Gray Maynard by way of 4th TKO

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