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The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 – Episode 4

Louis with the green hair lets Bisping know what the next fight is, so he gets his guy ready by throwing wrestlers at him. It’s Stephen Bass who is fighting for Team Bisping. Bisping roughed him up a bit and gave him a black eye.

Bisping didn’t show up to the fight announcement. Mayhem chooses Dennis Bermudez to face Bass, just like they figured. Bermudez lost his last two fights before coming on the show and he equates losing with dying. Bass thinks he’s too big for Bermudez.

Dennis Bermudez vs. Stephen Bass

Bermudez took him down and was raining hands down on Bass. Bass wasn’t even really fighting back but he was trying to defend himself. He took an beating for most of the round. Bermudez couldn’t put him away.

Bermudez started the second like the first. He came in and landed some shots. Then he landed a big knee and Bass went down. I thought he was done, but he grabbed his foot and was able to keep him off for a bit. But Bermudez was back on top of him, hitting him on the side of his head and trying for his back. Mayhem was yelling at the referee to stop it because Bass wasn’t intelligently defending himself. It was finally stopped.

Winner: Dennis Bermudez by 2nd round TKO

Bisping tells his team to listen to the coaching all while Bass had ice on his face and looked miserable. Bass says that he’s a terrible follower. Ha!

Mayhem picks the next fight. He chooses Dustin Pague to face Louis Gaudinot. Dustin Pague put a green afro wig on.

Mayhem is wondering how Team Bisping always knows the match-ups. Mayhem thinks Pague is a future superstar.

Bass told Bisping that he went too hard on him and that’s part of the reason why he lost. Bisping said to not blame him for his loss.

Dennis Pague vs. Louis Gaudinot

Gaudinot used Roddy Piper’s chew gum and kick ass line.

Hell of a first round. Gaudinot was getting off first and Pague was having a problem with his speed. Every time Gaudinot came inside though, he took a knee. Gaudinot held his own, but Pague really started to pick him apart in the last minute and a half or so. He won the round by dominating the end of it.

Pague lit him up in the second round, bloodying him and then got his back and sunk in a rear naked choke. The first round was competitive, but the second round was domination.

Winner: Dustin Pague by way of 2nd round TKO

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