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The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 – Episode 2

On a show where small guys have to keep their weight down, of course they stuffed their face with a first day BBQ. Mayhem Miller always talks like he has a dip in his cheek.

Michael Bisping wins the coin toss and he wants the first pick. Miller gets to pick the first fight.

The bantams: Bisping takes Louis Gaudinot (guy with green hair). Miller takes John Dodson. Bisping takes TJ Dillashaw. Miller goes Johnny Bedford. Bisping goes with John Albert. Miller goes with Dustin Pague. Josh Ferguson goes to Bisping. Roland Delorme goes to Miller.

The feathers: Bisping takes Diego Brandao. Miller goes with Dennis Bermudez. Bisping chooses Akira Corassani. Miller goes with Bryan Caraway. Miller goes with Marcus Brimage. Miller goes with Dustin Neace. Stephen Bass goes with Bisping. Steven Siler is the last pick for Miller.

Miller says that Bisping’s guys don’t look like they want to be on his team. Bisping calls Miller a Strikeforce reject. Miller seems super excited to work with these guys, unlike some of the coaches we’ve seen in the past.

Miller brings in these space suits that helps rejuvenate the body like a full body blood pressure machine.

Miller picks Bryan Caraway to fight Marcus Brimage. Bisping doesn’t think Caraway has the killer instinct. Miller says Caraway is much more talented.

Brimage is 157 before the fight so he has to cut 11 pounds. He’s a little worried because he doesn’t know the tricks to cutting weight. Bisping wants him to run, take a hot salt bath, get underneath the covers, then back in the bath, and back under the covers. He says he should cut about six or seven pounds that way. Cutting weight is nuts.

Miller asks Caraway if he’s nervous and Caraway says he’s ready to throw-up.

Team Mayhem put all the tires they use for training in Team Bisping’s room. They also rigged the room so that Team Bisping can’t open the door. A tire is wedged against it.

Brimage weight in on point and so did Caraway. I wonder if Meisha Tate bought him the pink underwear. Dana White seems to think Brimage has the advantage. Team Bisping created a chant that was sort of disrespectful toward Caraway. Bisping had to break the door to get in his room.

Bryan Caraway vs. Marcus Brimage

Caraway owned him on the ground in the first round, working for a choke and just controlling him. Brimage was trying to throw punches from his back.

Caraway got tired and let Brimage have a little bit of success on his feet, but soon thereafter, he was back on him and finally sunk him in a choke to win the fight.

Winner: Bryan Caraway by way of 2nd round submission

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