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2011 WWE Vengeance Results

This is probably going to be the last WWE PPV I miss until WrestleMania and based on what I heard through Twitter and Dave Meltzer’s report, it’s not like I would regret not getting this show.

The big news from what I gather is that Mark Henry and Big Show repeated the Brock Lesnar/Big Show spot where they broke the ring. Show went out on a stretcher and Henry was able to make it to the back without assistance. Here were the results:

– Air Boom beat Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger to defend their tag straps.
– Dolph Ziggler beat Zack Ryder to keep his US Title. (Why did Ziggler wrestle twice here?)
– Beth Phoenix beat Eve to defend her women’s title.
– Sheamus beat Christian with the Brogue Kick. (Doesn’t seem that Christian will beat him on a big show, so is this feud over?)
– The Miz and R-Truth beat CM Punk and Triple H after Miz pinned Punk. (And you thought HHH was going to take the fall here?)
Kevin Nash came out to interfere and powerbombed HHH to lay him out.
– Randy Orton pinned Dashing Cody Rhodes.
– Henry and Show went to a no contest.
– Alberto Del Rio beat John Cena when Cena couldn’t make the 10 count after interference from the Miz and R-Truth. They fought in the collapsed ring.

2 comments on “2011 WWE Vengeance Results

  1. Duan says:

    I give all the wrestlers an A+ for effort on this one.

    They all tried really hard to make this a great show. Some of the matches fell flat, but I blame that on the fact that the worst month of TV ever this show. The middle part of the show felt really long because I have just completed disconnected from the midcard rivalries. It’s not those guy’s fault, it’s WWE’s.

    The start and end of the PPV were very good. Opening tag was really exciting and probably Air Boom’s best match. Henry/Show was a brilliant big man match, and Cena is the king of those physical endurance type gimmick matches. The rest, as I said, was just impossible to care about.

    The stuff away from the ring was horrible as usual. I don’t want to see John Laurenitis, I don’t want to hear Michael Cole, and I don’t care what’s trending on Twitter.

  2. GG says:

    Good to know that there was some good in there. I think also, they’re really putting a lot into the Survivor Series, so some of this stuff didn’t even really matter.

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