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2011 WWE Hell In A Cell Results

My WWE boycott until Survivor Series continues. Based on the results, Hell In A Cell looked like a slightly forgettable show until the triple threat main event. Alberto Del Rio pinned CM Punk to win the WWE Championship, but it was what happened after the match was over that people will probably be interested in.

The Miz and R-Truth bought tickets to be at the show but were removed before the show started by security. But they made their return after the main event. They found their way into the cell and with it locked from the inside, destroyed Del Rio, Cena, and Punk all while no one else could get in. They surrendered to police while HHH went nuts.

Mark Henry retained his World Championship by beating Randy Orton in what I saw described as a fine match for Smackdown, but not for a PPV and especially not for the Hell In A Cell. Beth Phoenix finally beat the Kelly Kelly to win the Divas Championship. They’re trying to Randy Orton us with Kelly these days.

Cody Rhodes beat John Morrison in an impromptu match after coming out and trying to get the IC strap over. Air Boom defended their tag titles against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in the second best match of the night from what I’ve heard. Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara was said to be disappointing, but not half as sloppy as it could’ve been. My kids were so hyped for that match. And Sheamus opened the show by beating Christian clean.

What does it set up for tomorrow? Let’s hope something good because after a great start to the summer, the fall has been a dud so far.

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