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UFC Live On Versus – Dan Hardy Vs. Chris Lytle Play By Play

In my house, this show was a definitely second place to SummerSlam tonight so I’m watching it after the fact. You can’t really go wrong with the guys that are on this show though. You have Chris Lytle in his retirement match, Dan Hardy who has been quite the disappointment of late, Ben Henderson, and Jim Miller. While I don’t see it doing a big rating, it should be entertaining.

1. Duane Ludwig vs. Amir Sadollah

This is great booking. Both guys like to bang and can take punishment. Ludwig won the first round simply because Sadollah buckled first. Ludwig rocked him with a right hand which wobbled him, and then caught him with two needs in a row. Sadollah is tough. Ludwig caught him again late in the round. Sadollah tried to take him down once and pushed him up against the cage, but Ludwig’s striking is too good and he was able to create distance and get out of dodge.

Ludwig wins a closer second round. Sadollah got his wind back and fought a nearly draw round. I give it to Bang for landing the cleaner shots, though Sadollah seems to be figuring out Ludwig. Ludwig might be tired as he shot in later in the round, but didn’t really want to take him down.

Sadollah is still eating right hands, but he landed the two biggest shots of the round with kicks. He’s using a push front kick, leg kicks, and landed a head kick too. Both guys are landing big shots. Defense isn’t a premium on this fight. Ludwig’s combinations are still crisp, while Sadollah’s punches are coming a lot slower. Ludwig scored with a takedown near the end of the round. That round was close, but I might give it to Sadollah because of the bigger shots he landed early in the round.

Winner: Duane Ludwig by way of unanimous decision

All three judges had it scored two rounds to one.

2. Donald Cerrone vs. Charles Oliveira

I thought it was odd that Cerrone entered the cage first, but then Goldberg said that Oliveira could be one of the future stars. They fought a fairly even fight with both guys landing kicks. Cerrone’s stand-up was a bit more savvy as he was more unpredictable. Then, he threw a vicious uppercut to the gut that put Oliveira down. He followed up with rapid fire punches and it was over.

Winner: Donald Cerrone by way of 1st round TKO

3. Ben Henderson vs. Jim Miller

Miller got Henderson in a standing arm triangle and them jumped on top of him and wrapped his legs around him. Henderson fell on top of him and into half guard. Henderson looked good in the round, staying on top of Miller and in the better position after the triangle.

Henderson took Miller down a minute into the second round. Miller tried to grab Henderson’s leg and roll through, but didn’t get it. Miller then grabbed his ankle and had it pretty tight, but Henderson pulled out. Henderson ended up back on top again. Miller grabbed a heel hook, but had to let it go because Henderson was punching him in the head. Henderson picked him up for a big takedown. Henderson has him bloody from punches landed in Miller’s half guard. Miller is constantly working for submissions, but taking a beating.

Henderson is throwing hard punches and Miller just looks like the lesser athlete. Just as I said that, Miller put him down with a shot, but Henderson grabbed onto him and took him back down. Henderson got Miller’s back and sunk in a rear naked choke. Henderson gave it up, but still had his back with the hooks in. Henderson has the fight won but he’s still working for the finish. Late in the round, he sunk in a guillotine, but Miller got out of it. They ended the fight slugging it out.

Winner: Ben Henderson by way of unanimous decision

It’s great to see the WEC guys win back to back fights.

4. Chris Lytle vs. Dan Hardy

They just stood toe-to-toe. Hardy was getting the better of the exchanges early, clipping Lytle with a left that threw him off-balanced. But Lytle started finding his range. He was landing these wide and sloppy punches, but they helped him win the round. Hardy is having problems seeing them as he was nailed with three rights in a row that anyone with half stand-up defense would’ve avoided.

Much better round for Hardy. I think he pulled it out. There’s really not much to say other than both guys just walking in with their hands down and landing punches. It’s sort of like a Rocky Balboa movie fight in that they are literally trading punches. Lytle throws one. Then Hardy throws one. And they go back and forth.

I thought Hardy was closely winning the third round, but then he took the fight to the ground with a takedown and Lytle grabbed his neck and sunk in a guillotine with less than a minute to get the tapout. Lytle goes out the victor.

Winner: Chris Lytle by 3rd round submission

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