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UFC 133 – Tito Ortiz Vs. Rashad Evans Play By Play

Can Tito Ortiz shock the MMA world twice? If he can, he’ll be back near the top of the heap at 205. Rashad Evans is in the prime of his career and on paper, should dispose of Ortiz. But MMA is one of the most unpredictable sports there is and even though this cliche is old and boring, anything can happen.

I’m not too happy with the way this show looks on paper. After UFC 132, I was hoping they’d be able to follow up with another hot show, but this just doesn’t seem to be it. Maybe they’ll surprise us. But with an undercard that looks like a Fight Night undercard, I’m not so sure that this is the way to continue to get people to pay for your shows.

On the SpikeTV portion of the card, Chad Mendes beat Rani Yahya in a fairly boring fight, while Alexander Gustafsson knocked out Matt Hamill in a two round slobber knocker.

1. Mike Pyle vs. Rory MacDonald

Pyle came out to Gonna Fly Now. Well, they are in Philly. Rory came out to MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This. Rogan said the song sucks.

MacDonald made quick work. He knocked Pyle down with an early shot, but Pyle tried to Werdum him into coming to the ground. It didn’t work. Pyle got him down, but couldn’t keep him down. MacDonald tried to lock in a guillotine but Pyle spun out of it. MacDonald got him to the ground and was a bit apprehensive inside Pyle’s guard, but then just exploded on him with punches and elbows and stopped him.

Winner: Rory MacDonald by 1st round TKO

2. Costantinos Philippou vs. Jorge Rivera

Close first round, but Philippou looked good. He’s quicker and might be stronger. But Rivera landed the better shots.

Philippou put Rivera down, but in trying to finish him, punched himself out. Rivera was close to being finished, but then ended up on top, pushed him up against the cage, trapped his left arm against the cage and basically had free reign on punching him in the face until he finally covered up. Rivera took him down again, but fell into an omaplata. Rogan was screaming at Philippou to sit up and wrap his arm around his waist to get the tap, but Rivera finally got out of it. I have it even after two.

They’re both tired. Philippou went for a lazy takedown and actually got it. Rivera went for a triangle but was thrown off. Rivera had Philippou pinned against the cage, party because Philippou was so tired and wasn’t defending himself well. Back on their feet, Rivera threw a nice combination, but also was hit. I still think he wins the fight based on his aggressiveness and control late.

Winner: Costantinos Philippou by split decision

It was definitely a close fight.

3. Brian Ebersole vs. Dennis Hallman

This really is a blown up Fight Night card. Ebersole came out with an arrow shaved into hit chest while Hallman came out in wrestling tights. Hallman got a quick takedown and immediately got Ebersole’s back. Ebersole fought it but then Hallman moved into a guillotine. But Ebersole got his head out and laid him out with hammer fists and elbows. Hallman took a tremendous beating on his back.

Winner: Brian Ebersole by way of 1st round TKO

4. Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Vitor Belfort

And just like that, it’s over. After a couple minutes of measuring each other, Akiyama missed the front kick and Belfort teed off on him. Akiyama was able to get up, but Belfort put him back down and out cold. He had lightning in his hands tonight.

Winner: Vitor Belfort by 1st round TKO

5. Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans

Tito looks confident on his feet. He landed a short cross as the first big blow. Rashad tried to land a big overhand right, but it didn’t land all the way. Tito shot in and got Rashad down. Rashad was back up and pushed Tito against the cage and started wailing on him with right hands. Tito landed a couple counter shots, but he got the worst of it. Rashad went high/low and got a big slam on Tito.

Tito made all the Rashad fans hold their breath as he put Rashad in a guillotine and Rashad took some time pulling his head out. But he did, and he ended up right on top of Tito and in side control. In a cool little spot, Tito bucked off Rashad and grabbed his leg, but Rashad ended up back on top of him. Tito was on his knees trying to get to his feet and Rashad kneed him right in the stomach. Tito went down and Rashad stopped him.

Winner: Rashad Evans by 2nd round TKO