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24/7 Mayweather/Ortiz Episode 1

24/7 is back and none other than Floyd Mayweather is involved, so you know it’s going to be good. Let’s just hope Victor Ortiz can stay with him. Ortiz has a fantastic story.

Mayweather says no athlete works harder than him, let alone any boxer.

The Ortiz brothers work together to get Victor ready. So it’s the Team Ortiz vs. Team Mayweather too. His brother Temo says that he and Victor were inseparable. Temo says that one day, his mother asked him what would happen if she left the boys. He said she would never leave. And then she left. And then, their dad left them and they had to fend for themselves for three years before going to a foster family.

Victor went to Buck Avila to train boxing and he was very emotional about it. They showed Buck’s wife so it looks like he’s passed.

50 Cent is back with Team Money. Floyd says there’s so many people on his team that he doesn’t know everyone’s name. Roger doesn’t believe in scouting Victor Ortiz. Floyd Sr. is back too. Floyd Sr. says he’s the motivator, innovator, creator of it all since 1971. He says blood is thicker than mud.

They show Ortiz and Maidana which was the fight that made Ortiz’s shining star dull a bit. It’s still bothering him. He won’t go back and re-watch it and acts like it never happened. They also showed his fight against Andre Berto, which helped him stop some of the naysayers. But not all of them.

Mayweather is in 6 pending legal cases. His attitude is “F’ it.” He says they’re all lies. He gets the best team that money could buy. And they show his fiance Miss Jackson. She’s very attractive. And she’s not Chili from TLC which saddens me.

Victor says he wants to be in it for the long haul. His trainer Danny Garcia is in his corner.

Floyd Sr. and Floyd Jr. are having an amazing argument. Floyd is shouting out his uncle as the better trainer and Floyd Sr. continues to say he’s better. Jr. says that Floyd Sr. isn’t even close to Uncle Roger. Floyd Sr. says that he left De La Hoya, but Floyd Jr. says that De La Hoya left him. Floyd Jr. says that Uncle Roger made him and Floyd Sr. disagreed. Floyd Jr. tried to kick pops out of the gym. Sr. told Jr. to put him out of his gym.

Holy crap. That was hard to watch. You always hope that they’ll be friendly with each other and hopefully before the fight, all will be better. While the problems are deeper than anything I can imagine, it sucks that the argument started because of whose gym was better. Floyd Jr. says he’s no junior.

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