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UFC 132 – Urijah Faber Vs. Dominick Cruz Play By Play


Well, I missed pretty badly on my picks on the two SpikeTV fights. I thought Shane Roller would be able to get Melvin Guillard to the ground, but it didn’t happen. Not only did it not happen, but Roller was blitzed in one round very easily. Also, Rafael Dos Anjos knocked out George Sotiropoulos in the first round. I didn’t see that one coming at all.

Let’s see how well I do on the rest of this card. The FGB crew made their picks earlier this week.

1. Dong Hyun Kim vs. Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit ate his lunch. He hit a flying knee and then unloaded on Kim with punches as Kim was sitting against the cage. Game over.

Winner: Carlos Condit by way of 1st round TKO

2. Ryan Bader vs. Tito Ortiz

Tito threw a short right that put Bader on the ground. Tito pulled guard, sunk in the guillotine and tapped out Bader. Amazing.

Winner: Tito Ortiz by way of 1st round submission

3. Matt Wiman vs. Dennis Siver

Siver hit all the big shots and Wiman worked the takedown when he wasn’t being hit. Siver hit him with some pretty good shots too. Wiman finally got him down near the end of the round.

Wiman had Siver down on the ground and drilled him with an elbow that opened him up. He sat in Siver’s guard and just rained down with elbows. I wonder if anyone scored that round as a 10-8 for Wiman.

Wiman was relentless in the round, even though he did take a couple of kicks. I think he won the round and the fight.

Winner: Dennis Siver by way of unanimous decision

Wiman didn’t look like he agreed with that decision. He pulled his hand away from the referee and walked away in disgust.

4. Chris Leben vs. Wanderlei Silva

Well, I wonder if that’s the end for Wanderlei. He nailed Leben with a wide combination, but Leben didn’t flinch. Leben hit him with a left hand and then landed some dirty uppercuts and knocked him out. Silva was out.

Winner: Chris Leben by way of 1st round TKO

5. Urijah Faber vs. Dominick Cruz

Really good first round. Faber is catching him far more than I expected him to. But he’s also swinging and missing by wide margins. Faber stuck him with a right hand and Cruz stuck him back with an uppercut. Faber worked really hard for a takedown in the first round and seemed to have it a couple times, but Cruz’s takedown defense was too good.

Wow, this thing is going to be hard to score. Cruz landed the most meaningful combination, but couldn’t follow it up. Faber hit him with a stiff right hand and then put him his butt with another, but then Cruz secured a takedown near the end of the round and scored with a couple of shots to end the round. I have the first two rounds split.

Cruz was more active and accurate. Faber has slowed just just a bit. Both guys look fresh still, but Cruz’s motor is a bit more fine-tuned in round three. Faber got a takedown finally, but they were scrambling and Cruz got up but was met with a hard right hand. This was the most convincing round of the three, but it was still close. I have Cruz up 2-1.

Urijah knocked Cruz halfway across the cage with a big right hand. Cruz was back up quickly, but he looked hurt. Cruz is taking some pretty deep breaths now. Cruz is shooting in for takedowns and Faber is able to stuff them. Cruz’s lunges are met with more counter shots that are landing by Faber. I have it 2-2. Winner take all.

Cruz opened up the round with a flying knee that landed. Faber reacted slow to it, but he was trying to sucker Cruz in and he throw his home run right hand. Cruz took Faber down, but Faber got back up. Cruz got him down again, but Faber was quick to get up. Cruz just possibly won this fight with his wrestling. I didn’t think he’d take Faber down as much as he did. I have Cruz winning 3-2.

Winner: Dominick Cruz by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 50-45, 49-46, and 48-47.

Bring on fight number 3!

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