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UFC 131 – Shane Carwin Vs. Junior Dos Santos Play By Play

No introduction is necessary. The UFC needs a strong showing here tonight. At the very least, the main event should deliver.

1. Vagner Rocha vs. Donald Cerrone

It was a pretty action-packed first round, though, nothing huge landed. Cerrone and Rocha traded lots of leg kicks with Cerrone getting the better of them. Rocha took him down and Cerrone immediately looked for the triangle, but didn’t get it. Cerrone started to pick him apart late in the round to win it.

Rocha is trying to pull guard so that Cerrone comes to him. He clipped Cerrone with a right hand that was his best shot of the show. He’s also shooting constantly for the takedown, but Cerrone is stuffing it and making Rocha get back up because he’s just the better striker. They may have butted heads as Cerrone has a cut.

Cerrone’s feet are lethal. He’s using his feet in combinations like a boxer would use his punches. He’s kicking low and then following it up with a high kick. Cerrone has destroyed his front leg and made Rocha go southpaw. Cerrone should win a unanimous decision. He just blistered Rocha with kicks. Rocha can’t even stand-up.

Winner: Donald Cerrone by way of unanimous decision

2. Dave Herman vs. John Olav-Einemo

Herman is using a front kick to keep Einemo at bay. He’s landing some decent punches too. Einemo took him down, but Herman got back up. Einemo closed the distance and pushed him up against the cage and was using landing short punches. Close round.

Einemo is doing his best Randy Couture impersonation using his dirty boxing and pushing Herman up against the cage. He clipped Herman with a knee and Herman looked like he was going out. But Herman hit a knee of his own and Einemo went down and is trying to defend himself. This is a slobberknocker of the round. Both guys are exhausted and just trying to take each other out. Herman put him down and followed him to the ground and finished him. The second round of this fight is one of the most entertaining rounds of the year.

Winner: Dave Herman by way of 2nd round TKO

3. Mark Munoz vs. Demian Maia

Maia hit Munoz with a left hand and Munoz looked like he was woozy. It was pretty odd to see since it was really the first punch landed and it didn’t look like a huge shot. Maia is aggressive and taking it to Munoz. Though, he is leaving himself open for counter shots. Someone is going to go down eventually. They were both throwing haymakers to end the round.

Munoz hit Maia with a shot and Maia couldn’t figure out how to get out of dodge and turned his back to Munoz. Maia shot in and Munoz stuffed him and hammered him with punches to the thigh and side of the head. They went down again and Munoz tried to get a D’Arce on him, but gave up his back. He was able to get out of dodge. Munoz had a sitting Maia up against the cage and held him there until they were stood up near the end of the round.

On my card, whoever wins this third round wins the fight. Maia had Munoz’s back again and tried for a choke, but Munoz got out of it. The third round may be tough to score. Munoz was on top of him and pushing his wrestling, but Maia did have the submission attempt. The stand-up was pretty even. I’d probably score it a draw.

Winner: Mark Munoz by way of unanimous decision

4. Diego Nunes vs. Kenny Florian

Nunes landed the first takedown even though Florian was trying to get it. Florian threw an elbow to the side of his head that cut open Nunes’ ear. Florian got a takedown, but then Nunes put him on his butt with a left hand before the round ended.

Florian put a bit of a beating on him in that round. Nunes looks tired and bloody. He can’t stay off his back.

Nunes was very game, but Florian was too strong. Florian dominated the last two rounds with knees and his wrestling. Nunes might’ve landed the best shot of the fight at the end of the third round.

Winner: Kenny Florian by way of unanimous decision

5. Shane Carwin vs. Junior Dos Santos

After a slow few minutes, Dos Santos started landing a jab and caught Carwin with some hard punches. They went to the ground and Dos Santos was nailing him on the ground. Herb Dean let them go and Carwin eventually got up because Dos Santos punched himself out.

Dos Santos was trying to set up the uppercut by going low with kicks and punches. Carwin landed a left hook and a right hand that seemed to give him a bit of life. Dos Santos still had the upper hand on the boxing and Carwin is a bloody mess.

Dos Santos isn’t going for the knockout, but he’s turned Carwin’s face into a bloody mess. This fight isn’t exactly what people wanted, but there’s no doubt that Dos Santos is the better fighter by a mile. He even took Carwin down twice at the end of the fight.

Winner: Junior Dos Santos by way of unanimous decision

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