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I was at UFC 130 live, so I had the live perspective. Some of my FGB brothers watched it on PPV and they have their perspective. While our perspectives were different, our apathy toward the event was the same. This was not a good show.

The FGB crew gives you their thoughts about UFC 130.

Thumbs Down (deep in the surface of the earth)
Best Fight: Brian Stann vs. Jorge Santiago
Worst Fight: Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson

The show was a complete waste of my Sunday morning. Not a single thing coming out of this excites me. Quinton Jackson has got to be one of the most boring entities in MMA right now. He just has these crap fights, never finishes anyone and looks completely disinterested about everything. If the damn fighter isn’t interested in what he’s doing, why would the viewer be? Mir/Nelson was terrible and nothing on the undercard lit my world on fire. Credit to Brian Stann for being to only guy to show anything on this show. Actually, Travis Browne as well in fairness (I was just pissed by the that because I bet on

Cactus Jim
Thumbs Down
Best Fight: Stefan Struve vs. Travis Browne
Worst Fight: Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson

Complete and utter shit. A waste of both time and money. No awesome matches, no titles, and no impact on rankings, title picture, or future match ups.

Big D
Thumbs Down
Best Fight: Stefan Struve vs. Travis Browne
Worst Fight: Matt Hamill vs. Rampage Jackson

I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy that Alan, Jim, and so many others have agreed with me. This show was a complete waste of time for me, but I had that feeling even before the show started. With the real main event being cancelled, Mir and Nelson revealing to be “friends”, and Rampage not caring, why should I? Alan was spot-on in his analysis of Rampage. I watched every one of his PRIDE fights religiously and now he’s become NEAR-Tim Sylvia for me. He can beat lower dudes, but when he fights someone with real skill, always gets owned. Hamill was never close to being more than a TV star at best. Travis Browne had the only passable moment. What’s funny is, you could argue that in 2009, Mir and Rampage were two of the most marketable guys in the UFC due to their charisma. On this show, they came off as yesterday’s news.

Listen, I don’t care what delusional thoughts Dana has in his big bald head, they need to run less shows. Seriously. I’m burnt out.

Thumbs Down
Best Fight: Demetrious Johnson vs. Miguel Torres
Worst Fight: Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson

No matter what you thought about the first round of Roy Nelson and Frank Mir, the rest of the fight sucked. And why? Because neither guy was in shape. They are athletes. They should be in shape to go three rounds. By the second round, I saw two guys who weren’t all that athletic, having a supposed athletic contest. It ended up being a battle of who could push who up against the cage and then in the last round, Mir took Nelson down time after time because Nelson could barely breathe. What a horrendous display of heavyweight fighting. This was worse than two pedestrian heavyweight boxers. Brian Stann has a chance to become a huge star, as long as he keeps improving. The crowd loved him dearly. Rampage Jackson fought safe, but Matt Hamill is the one people should be upset at. Rampage fought a Rampage fight, but Hamill wasn’t willing to engage. I think he felt Rampage’s power early and decided he wanted nothing to do with him. This was a bad show live, and I usually always have fun at MMA shows.

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