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Super Six World Boxing Classic – Glen Johnson Vs. Carl Froch Play By Play


When the Super Six began, I thought Mikkel Kessler was the front runner to win the entire thing. I was a bigger fan of Andre Ward, but figured it was too soon for Ward to be winning fights against all the top notch competitors. But soon, Ward became the front runner. He beat Kessler along the way. If Ward has been the most impressive fighter so far, Carl Froch is a close second. He’s lost one fight in the tournament, in a close decision to Kessler and it’s a fight he felt he won.

As for Glen Johnson, he joined the tournament after guys dropped out. He beat Allen Green by knockout in his only fight and was immediately thrust into the semi-final. You’d think that Carl Froch has the inside track to the finals, but Johnson has been fighting longer than any of these guys and is looking to spoil what the fans seem to want as a Froch/Ward final.

Earlier in the night, Mikkel Kessler beat Mehdi Bouadla in his first fight back in over a year by 6th round TKO.

Glen Johnson vs. Carl Froch

Both guys felt each other out. Johnson landed the best shot with a overhand right, while Froch was doing some jabbing, but not much else.

Though he picked up his activity later in the round, I think Froch just gave away the first two rounds. He’s fighting a very safe fight so far.

Johnson has made Froch pick it up and they are banging now. Froch’s punches are a bit wide, but landing. Johnson’s punches look much harder at this point. I’ll give Froch the round as it looked like he landed more punches. If they can keep this pace up, we’re going to see a good one.

Johnson is standing right in front of Froch and Froch is doing a much better job at picking his shots and landing. Johnson seems to want to load up on big punches and he’s being beaten to the punch. Froch is getting off quicker.

Froch is starting to heat up. I don’t think he’s showing his age, but Froch looks fresher, more spry, and very comfortable right now. Johnson’s style is to jab his way to close his distance, but now, Froch is landing counter shots.

Froch’s round again, though Johnson landed the best shot of the round. Johnson landed a big right hand that Froch just walked through and smirked off. It’s his type of fight, and Johnson needs to dodge a few shots so he can get inside if he wants a chance to beat Froch up.

Froch is being a little careless and Johnson hit him with another right hand. Johnson had his shot and let Froch catch his wind and he’s winning the round again. Johnson made it close and it’s his best round since the second, but Froch eked it out. Johnson needs to be on the inside as much as possible.

It was Johnson’s best round of the night probably. He was bringing the fight to Froch. He was going low with his left hand and following it up with an overhand right. He’s been doing it all night and it’s the one combination that’s working. Froch is fighting though. He’s countering everything. I’d give the round to Johnson.

Both of these guys are on top of their game. Johnson looks to be getting a bit tired. He’s doing the Evander Holyfield of taking several punches to land his shots. Froch is doing a great job at picking him apart from a distance, while taking hard shots himself when Johnson is able to get inside.

The definition of this fight happened in this round. Johnson got inside, landed a right hand, tried to side step into a left hand and Froch let about 10 right-left hooks that rattled Johnson and helped Froch get out of dodge.

Johnson landed the two best punches of the night, but Froch just overwhelmed him. I have Froch comfortably ahead, but Froch isn’t giving in. He’s still banging too.

Froch opened up his repertoire even more this round, throwing an uppercut from a really low angle. Johnson just couldn’t get off in the round as Froch was more active than usual, looking to give the fans an entertaining closing. I have Froch winning 9 rounds to 3.

Winner: Carl Froch by way of majority decision

The scores were 114-114, 116-112, and 117-111.