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Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 9


I believe this is the first episode in six months. And follows the terrible Pacquiao/Mosley Fight Camp 360 series. Let’s hope the stench of that series doesn’t carry back over to this one, which has been very well done so far.

The show starts with a minute from every camp of the remaining four fighters in the Super Six (Carl Froch, Glen Johnson, Arthur Abraham, and Andre Ward). Abraham knows it’s his last chance in the tournament and he’s been somewhat of a disappointment. Ward talks about being a little overlooked.

The Allan Green vs. Glen Johnson fight is recapped. Gary Shaw told Johnson that he has to be his fighter now that Andre Dirrell is out of the tournament. I’m sure that went over well with Johnson’s promoter. Johnson’s trainer says they’ll get out of him before the 9th round.

Green’s story is that Johnson continued to hit him in the back of the head, including the knockout punch. Green complained to the referee while he was on the ground. Green was turning away from shots, which partially seemed to be the reason why he was getting hit there.

Next is the Carl Froch vs. Arthur Abraham fight and like usual, Froch’s girl is the star. She’s near ringside, right behind the announce team and her foul language can be heard over the broadcast. Someone tells her to step back and she says no, until she’s told that she doesn’t have to stop shouting. Froch completely out-classed him and maybe even more so than I remember.

There’s a great moment when Abraham and Froch meet each other after the fight and awkwardly have small talk. They take a photo together and Abraham looks a little beaten.

The next fight recapped is Andre Ward vs. Sakio Bika, which was a placeholder fight for Ward since Dirrell pulled out of their stage three fight. It was a pretty ugly fight from what I remember. I was there covering it for this website. Ward says you can’t feel the pain in the ring when it’s happening because the adrenaline takes over. But the next day, you feel everything.

Abraham’s next fight to stay warm was quickly recapped. He beat Stjepan Božić by TKO in the second round after Božić’s hand was fractured.

Ward’s camp thinks they’ll see the most dangerous Arthur Abraham because they think he feels he’s let his country down a bit. Ward says he can’t let Abraham pull a rabbit out of his hat.

Yet another excellent Fight Camp 360. Not sure why now that the Pacquiao/Mosley one was so disappointing.

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1 thought on “Fight Camp 360: Inside The Super Six World Boxing Classic – Episode 9

  1. I think it just works for the SuperSix. The mix of personalities between all the fighters and promoters involved, along with the ability to recap the past fights and show you them from a different perspective, just makes it fascinating to watch.

    Every single person featured in this show stock has risen to some degree.

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