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Brock Lesnar Vs. Junior Dos Santos Is Off At UFC 131


Twitterland is abuzz with news that Brock Lesnar is out of his fight at UFC 131 with Junior Dos Santos. Dana White announced today to announce that Brock has diverticulitis again.

The new main event is Junior Dos Santos vs. Shane Carwin. The Ultimate Fighter 12 is in its second round of fights and the season still has a handful of episodes to go. This is the second time in several years that a fight has been called off before the Ultimate Fighter season has completed. Many will remember Tito Ortiz pulling out of his fight with Chuck Liddell and being replaced by Rich Franklin.

Ariel Helwani was tweeting the information as he heard it.

Dana: Brock has done a bumper-to-bumper of tests … needs to decide whether he will have surgery. His June 11 bout against JDS is off.

What does this mean for Brock’s career? Who knows at this point. It’s obvious that this is serious business and Brock has gone through this before. Whatever Brock decides to do, we wish him well in his illness and also a full recovery.